My beloved cat has left our earth and arrived at heaven. His name was Tiger. He lived a long valuable life and he passed away peacefully in his sleeps.

He even had a small cameo in my 10th Episode of Movie Rehab where I’ve reviewed the movie Postal (you can watch the episode here, but a little warning: It hasn’t really aged well if compared to my newer videos). I often times played with the idea to had him appear in several other videos of mine but I could never figure out how to make it work without shoehorning it in.

I had bad luck with most of the other cats before him. One got run over by a car after only a few months when she became a part of our family (her name was Lucy) and two of them (Goofy and Tony) ran off with both of them never returning back home.

I love each and everyone of my cats equally. They were an important part of my family and they still are a part of me in spirit.

Please greet your mother from me and my family and let everyone know that we still love them to this very day. Not just until the end, but always because love will always live on.

I love you Tiger and I promise that we’ll meet each other again someday.

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