I’ve just discovered that Rumble, by far maybe the safest alternative to YouTube, has removed my Nudie Rehab review of Justice League XXX.

I’ll be re-uploading it on that site again (for the third time in fact) but let me tell you something: Once I’ve got enough financial backup then I’ll be uploading all of my videos on my own website independently. That way I finally won’t have to fear any copyright or age restricting problems.

I am seriously tired about looking for new upload sites over and over again. Make no mistakes: I’ll still upload my work on YouTube​ and Rumble and most likely on any other site that will most likely take over the latter someday.

However the mere existence of my videos shall no longer depend on someone who doesn’t want my work on their site. There be no more strings attached on me because I’ll be the one who’s pulling them.

I’ve never had to worry about YouTube‘s ad revenue service anyway. Someday I’ll just use Patreon​, SubscribeStar​ and/or plenty of other awesome sites that financially support content creators like me.

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