One thing I want to talk about to explain why sometimes I’m acting the way that I do on social media or anywhere else: I am suffering from an underactive thyroid for about a year now.

I always have to take medications because of that and there are days where I feel unhappy and depressed thanks to that condition alone.

Also next to that is that it also makes me sleepier than the average person.

So yeah it’s not just laziness, the underactive thyroid is the next big reason as to why I haven’t done many big videos for a while.

I also had an epileptic seizure back in early March, was hospitalized for six days because of that and now have to take medications each morning and evening because of that as well.

So I think you can see now why I can always be happy for just sitting back and relax for the the rest of the day after going through my daily job.

However before anyone accuses me of using my health conditions as an excuse for not doing my job like a certain other reviewer which shall not be named here let me just assure you that I would never do that. I would never use or worse abuse the mentioning of health issues to excuse my refusal of making any more videos. Quite the opposite: I really want to make more videos because I love creating new videos. I got an endless amount of ideas in my head which I would really love to see the execution in any of my videos and who knows: Maybe even as movies! As I’ve said: I got plenty of ideas and there ain’t no end in sight.

I sincerely want to apologize for my inactivity and I hope that things get better soon.

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