I am incredibly shocked and saddened to hear that Chester Bennington has passed away.

While some of their later work was not as good as their earlier ones (I even like Minutes to Midnight) with especially One More Light undoubtably being their weakest album, though I have to admit that it’s not nearly as bad as most people called it. Most people compared the album to either Twenty One Pilots (a band that I personally like) or/and The Chainsmokers (which I don’t hate personally but I’m just not a fan of their music) but unlike the latter their album One More Light is actually pretty decent. Not great mind you but you can actually listen to it and have an opinion about most of the songs unlike with The Chainsmokers who from my own personal judgment have only produced mediocre music while also being partially responsible for the worst Coldplay song yet: Something Just Like This. But I digress.

Despite the fact that I think that most of Linkin Park‘s music has been a bit weaker after The New ’10s I still don’t think that anything they’ve made was terrible I also understand that they intended to make their music more unique and to make it stick out more than their previous efforts.

There was never a point for me where I thought that I was done with Linkin Park… not even Chester’s unhappy response to the negative reception of their last album.

Now with that being said: Before he passed away he seemed to have felt genuinely bad for the way he reacted towards people disliking One More Light but believe it or not: I can actually somewhat relate with Chester about the whole incident and the way he felt when you pour your soul into something you worked very hard for, then of course it can be very depressing to someone who feels like their effort didn’t receive the amount of appreciation you were looking for. I think just like him I got a very sensitive soul and that can cause me to get very emotional against others people as well. Though nevertheless I always try to give my all to act very constructively towards criticism so that I can learn from my mistakes I’ve done while also becoming much better in the process. But this isn’t about me right now!

Whatever your opinions on Linkin Parks latest (and maybe last) album is/was, their entire work and legacy will never be forgotten.

I hope that Chester Bennington is in a much better place now and I wish that whatever pain has caused his suicide has left his soul for good so that he finally enjoy the afterlife in peace now.

Rest in Peace Chester Bennington. My condolences go to his fans, family and friends. You will never be forgotten.

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