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July 17th 2051

Thirty years since the One Nation Act.

Welcome, new user. Please type in your internet number.

It appears you have not put in the correct number. Do you need help?

Internet number: Like the social security number of the olden days, this number is linked to each individual. It is your login code to access the internet, assigned to you from birth. If you lose it or fear it has been stolen, make sure to contact a registered official immediately.

Do you have any more questions?

Why you need an internet number: Your internet number is how we track you as you travel though the One Nation. Think of it as your passports of sorts. You use a passport to enter and exit different countries. This number exists to allow you to enter and exit the One Nation. Now while some may say that it is morally wrong for the One Nation government to spy on its citizens, we remind you that we only act if you break one of our laws. You have complete freedom within the confines of the law, the same as you would within the real world. Break the laws in the real world and you will be punished. The same goes for the virtual world within One Nation.

Do you have any more questions?

What laws are there: By signing into the internet you automatically agree to obey all laws laid out in the Online Constitution. The first ten amendments are the Terms of Service, which go as follow:

Amendment 1: The user has the right to free speech as long as that speech is not use to directly discriminate, abuse or otherwise harm an individual or group.

Amendment 2: The user has the right to bear rhetoric to help them navigate One Nation, but will have this right taken away from them from using too many fallacies.

Amendment 3: No user will be expected to agree to anything without first being given the opportunity to read the terms of service.

Amendment 4: The user has the right to anonymity as long as they do not break, directly or indirectly, the laws and amendments found within the Online Constitution. Any breach of the Terms of Service shall result in the offenders details being revealed to the public.

Amendment 5: The user has the right to not report someone due to a relationship with the other person, as well as the right to distance themselves from any person they feel would have a negative impact on the user legally.

Amendment 6: The user shall enjoy the privilege of having every report filed against them monitored and assessed by a jury of their peers, who will come to a vote about whether the law was broken and a suitable punishment.

Amendment 7: The user is allowed to access the internet from any designated terminal, provided they are legally allowed to access it. Access to any terminal cannot be denied aside from legal constraints.

Amendment 8: ‘Trolls’, or people who post messages that directly conflict with the first amendment will be severely punished up to and including the death penalty, based on the severity of their crimes.

Amendment 9: Every user with an internet number has the right to participate in the election of One Government officials up to and including the President of One Nation.

Amendment 10: Every user has the right to vote in anything that concerns them as either a user or an individual.

Do you have any more questions?

What is the One Government: The One Government is a group of ruling members of One Nation as decided by popular vote. Every four years the citizens of One Nation decide who they want to vote for out of a group of potential candidates. The winners of this vote go on to help craft the laws and policies of this nation. With that being said, any leader that gets more than 75% in down-votes will be stripped of their office and banned from One Nation, with the next person in line taking their place. As such, these politicians must constantly please the masses, unless they want their job to be the next one on the line.

Do you have any more questions?

Breaking the amendments: If you break an amendment, a tribunal will be set up to determine the nature of the offence and the nature of the punishment. While before this took trials that lasted months, here we put them to a poll to let users decide for themselves whether someone is innocent or guilty. The masses are the jury, and they decide what the appropriate punishment is. These can range from losing your anonymity to having your internet number stricken from the record, meaning you can never log in again. To report any rule breaking simply hit the ‘report’ button.

Do you have any more questions?

Why do I need to use One Nation: One Nation is your one stop shop to connecting with the rest of the world. Shopping has never been easier than ever, with all purchased items being sent directly to your residence. Likewise since a majority of work is done in One Nation nowadays, meaning that one needs to log into it in order to contribute to society. Payment shall be registered in the number of ‘likes’ one gets for doing their contribution, with these ‘likes’ being needed to purchase any of the aforementioned items. One Nation is the easiest way to communicate with friends and families, with our wide range of emoticons suitable for any and every purpose. We are all connected in One Nation by One Nation.

Do you have any more questions?

What if I get banned from One Nation: In the unfortunate event you are banned from One Nation you will not be able to access the internet. The argument that this has resulted in a far higher population of homeless people is naturally absurd, as is the argument that One Nation has made life worse. More people than ever have a way of connecting and having everything they need at their fingertips. However, for the system to work, any sort of trouble making has to be swiftly and firmly dealt with, with the approval of the public. Since a vast majority of the public approve of bannings in almost 81% of all cases, it is safe to say that such a thing is a deterrent. Any attempt to log-in using a banned internet number will result in forceful action being taken against the individual.

Do you have any more questions?

Is One Nation a good thing: The question of ‘good’ is irrelevant in this society. Certainly things have gotten better. The world has never been more connected. Now while some may voice their unfounded assertions that One Nation is not a good thing, bear in mind that such dissatisfaction will result in the user being banned and action being taken against them. While you are free to voice your concerns to a registered specialist, any outright criticism will be dealt with. One Nation is a virtual utopia in this modern world.

Do you have any more questions?

Please enter your internet number.

You have successfully logged into One Nation. Hello there, Peter Hunter, welcome to the internet. Welcome to One Nation. Welcome… to the future.

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