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You know, I don’t think the Pokemon franchise is over yet. Sure you had to save the world, then the universe, and to top that they attacked the very concept of having sentient beings fight each other. But there’s still one place they haven’t gone yet: the multiverse. Yes the multiverse, that totally exists in universe, is the only logical direction for the series to take.

First off, how can I prove that Pokemon already has access to the multiverse. That’s simple: You can trade with people. Now that might not seem all that great, but think about it. These players you meet, who have also beat the Elite Four, are never mentioned in-game. Furthermore you can obtain two copies of Pokemon so legendary that only one is thought of existing. Also you can trade Pokemon that don’t even appear in the games, but somehow people know of their existence (aka the idea of one game exclusive Pokemon). So how can all this be possible? Well like I said, you don’t trade with trainers in your universe. You trade them with other universes. Every game is a version of the universe all within itself, thus in turn when you trade with someone you’re trading with that version of you in that universe. Because of this it makes perfect sense for Pokemon to go into the 12th dimension.

So to start off, there are only four towns on the map. There’s the players home town and three others, all in a nice square. You start off getting the three starter Pokemon, before moving onto exploring the four other towns. You get involved with some sort of mini-story about your universe. Each of these towns are themed on a Pokemon type. Your home town is themed on Normal, the next is Grass, the next is Water and the last is Fire. You defeat the four gym leaders and the Champion, before making an amazing discovery: alternate universes exist. Not only that, but the ability to travel between these universes has just been open up for humans; and you’re one of the leading test subjects. And this is where the game gets really good.

For you see, there are five universes for you to explore. There’s the base universe you find yourself in, the one you’re most accustomed too. We shall call this Universe Prime. Once you get back to the lab in your home town you step aboard the multiverse teleporter and visit the second world.

The first parallel universe you visit is a more old-school version of the Pokemon world, one more set in the stone age. Because of this the four towns are about Bug, Ground, Rock and Fighting. Again, this is a universe really set back before the existence of modern technology, leading the protagonist to fear about not getting back home. Fortunately they have a portable teleporter that allows them to go forward. So this is a universe where technology never advanced.

The second parallel universe you visit is the dark, twisted version of your home one. The four towns are based around Ghost, Poison, Physic and Dark. You know how every science-fiction TV show tends to have an episode where the characters go to a parallel universe where bad is good and good is bad? That’s this world. A dark, twisted version of your home. As such all the characters you met are more horrible version of characters you’re familiar with meeting. It has a purple tinge to it from all the pollution in the air. Once again, there is no teleporter to go back, so you have to go forward.

The third parallel universe you visit is the exact opposite of the first, a futuristic world full of amazing technology. You start off in your home town, which is covered in ice due to an Ice Age that’s hit the area. Only the bravest of men and Pokemon live here. You get picked up in your travels and get to go to the city in the sky, themed around Flying types. Following on by using Fly the same way you’d use Surf, you get to visit the next town, based around Steel. It’s here where the futuristic city’s equipment is made. Finally you go to the Electric themed city, that has enough power to give you total access to all the possible worlds you’ve visited. And here comes the clever part.

Once you get this you can instantly transport yourself between worlds. You can be in the middle of a route and instantly change to another version of it. Imagine the possibilities that can come from this. You can jump around and see everything change. It’d be totally awesome.

However during all this you’ve been followed by your rival, who stole a Pokemon and has been attacking you occasionally. He’s been swept up in all this, travelling when you travel. He plans to jump ahead to the Land of the Dragons to capture the most powerful Pokemon. You go after him to stop him and bring him back to the authorities for his crimes.

(Of course the twist is that he’s you from the dark universe who’s been dogging your steps from the beginning, since his version of the universe also made such a device. Hence why he’s been stealing people’s Pokemon for his own selfish gain).

Anyway you both arrive in a world where Dragons took over and destroyed civilization. They’re too powerful to be in the wrong hands, especially the newly created dragon Pokemon that has the ability to travel the multiverse, which is where you’ve been drawing your power from. After defeating your rival you capture it and bring it back, allowing for the story to end with new trades opened up between the four multiverses to make things better for everyone.

So there you have it. My ideas on where the 6th generation of games could go. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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