It just happen,
mindless motion,
locked away from them,
away the voices,
that plead in a grim tone,
it may be that of love,
but there is a tone of too much love,
choking on it,
lost in the darkness of it all,
while there is no place to run,
nowhere to go,
to find a hiding place,
is just unlikely to happen,
etching eyes to look anywhere,
to get away, no,
there is just no chance,
quick to jet speed,
the skin breaks against,
those shaky bony hands,
that pull near,
above the heart,
pain over living,
has got that far just yet,
but knowing it could be close,
is only the fallen,
of letting the arms drag down,
by the hips,
but no,
they stay above,
as the tiny streams go down,
soaking the sleeve of lies,
darken from age,
and lack of care,
much else everything could be seen as,
but it is not,
it can’t be like that,
not after everything that has gotten to this point,
so it couldn’t be so,
no matter,
no matter in anything,
there is no savor here,
only for the one that held the blade,
against oneself,
of their own villain,
as there is no other,
to blame,
fully to blame,
sure the finger can point to those,
that have been misguided,
the will the follow them,
could last only for so long,
until waking up,
finding out that some dreams,
hopes to have,
are not close to have,
until seeing it fully for it is,
so deep truth,
but only for those,
whom have seen the reason come forth,
and awaken them,
that no higher being could ever do,
leading to where is called the end of it all,
even as the echoes of life,
bang against the door,
it will open soon,
and to that,
is just another chapter of life,
that most would never taken in,
because it can’t seem to everyone,
and if you think it can’t happen to you,
that moment of weakness,
than I guess you not fully living life,
if life is so easy,
that having that moment of weakness can’t happen,
where bleeding arms are always above the heart,
never hanging by the sides of the fuck it all facts,
than what kind of life have you lived,
if you can’t look pass your own nose,
to be shock,
that yeah,
this happens,
and sadly,
more often than others want to talk about,
that is,
if they want to talk about it at all,
because they don’t want to feel weak,
yet staying brave or even foolish,
is just as worst,
than not saying anything at all,
open that goddamn door!




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