C is sadly look to, that everyone thinks it is an Command that needs to be follow, that there is no way of backing out, when really that is far, far, from the truth.

O becomes on how everything is just Objective to for others to reply back on, when really that is only half the case, as well, it just walks on a thin line, it is hard to see where it really faulted and raises as the bigger person.

M will sometimes lean on the Minor points, leading nowhere of real focus, but it gets others involved, but ends on a wild goose chase, that no real meaning, other than passing time.

M then will come to terms, on the Major facts that most would never over glance, but knowing if it means, anything at all, leads to finding the answer, sure at first being a goose chase, but it at least gives some kind of ending.

E keeps it simple, how so, is only on that, for when something starts, it has to End.

N shows that everyone will have a Nemesis against everything that is said, that’s a given, but if we choose to listen or not, relies only on that aftermath, of doing so.

T luckily finishes this on that, despite all that, there will be the few Trustworthy, that at least give some insight, and prove there is good, just a small dose of it, bothers to come out.




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