Am I

In the mind that strives to be creative,
or keep it,
we’ll run into a wall,
unsure on how to handle what to next,
how to draw people in,
let them see what you can do,
keeping it fresh and new,
but also you,
how can that work,
before one just ends up in a corner,
unsure what to do,
how to do,
what would be a great topic,
to bring up,
and maybe have others to give a wider scope of it all,
how does one do it,
without going mad,
and thinking the next post,
won’t be on par from past work,
but it won’t overshadow,
reasoning over future ideas,
how does one do it,
not to go mad,
thinking maybe they have run out of ideas,
and staying in that corner,
is the safety place to be,
not leaving it,
plastering new words that coated the same topic,
and hoping,
just having a hopeful begging that no one will noticed,
yet if there is the mindset to nick-pick,
hiding seems pointless after a while,
and that is a tragic moment to notice on,
sure most could say,
that would never happen,
but once the well dries up,
it stays like that,
until a rain shower comes in,
it may be just a sprinkle or a damn down pour,
seeing it as one or other,
leaves just thoughts unsure what to do,
drink what the rain give,
little or all,
or half a cup,
come back in a week or so,
and just hope during that time,
more water is there,
or even better,
it wasn’t touched at all,
leading now,
on oneself to think of this,
am I running out of things to say,
driven into a corner,
unsure what to do,
sure in asking help,
depends only on those who think their ideas are worth it,
to where they will reply,
or just remain silent,
and there is a problem to take in,
how many would have insight,
but don’t say a goddamn thing,
leaving someone who wants to hear other voices,
just be shut out,
I don’t want to beg,
letting it sink to others,
that I need them,
I do,
but I can’t always rely on them,
for those speak or not,
is all up to them,
but I guess comes that question,
am I just asking for too much,
am I biting more than I can chew,
am I not leaving enough room for myself to breathe,
am I losing my touch,
am I putting myself way to high on the level,
that I forgot that I was human,
and things like this,
happen very normally,
cringing to that word,
that maybe that’s it,
everything that is being spoken about is just pointless,
things are going good,
if there is a topic I haven’t touch on,
I am just left unsure if I said anything,
at all about it,
all I got is one voice,
one way of spelling things out for others,
chancing every day,
that maybe they’ll listen,
and have a reply back,
has no else felt like that,
or is that one rare moment,
where I am finally just letting it get to me,
that all I got are my words,
my thoughts,
everything so close to my fingertips to speak about anything,
and only be judge on the most minor things,
am I just giving up,
and letting it take control,
running into a corner,
I want to say no,
that’s not what it is,
but lying to oneself can last,
only for so long,
and having to ending on this,
for those who give a second to listen,
to a voice I guess that is becoming too soft to speak now,
is that,
am I ready to throw in the towel,
or do I still got it in me,
I like to know,
so anyone please,
just answer me this,
am I ready to call it quits,
no one will miss me,
things back to normal,
and it just never happen,
a moment like this has struck deep before,
and it wasn’t a waste chance,
so I just to know,
am I a untitled poet giving worthy a meaning,
like anyone in media life,
or just someone running their mouth,
because they felt like bother the internet for a seconds,
you’re the judge this time,
for all I am,
it is like this,
am I done?




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