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Now six years ago (yes, six, that’s when the fourth Terminator movie came out, you are that old) this little web video hit the internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBBw9E2Q_aY Now the creators have gone on to be moderately successful over the last six years (and I can’t believe I’ve been watching them for six years, where has the time gone), but I always meant to do a blog on this at some point. So now, four years after I start the series, I finally get round to actually write the thing, doing it in just slightly longer than it took for the fifth Terminator film came out. So without further ado, this is what this movie would be like.

So the film starts out with Sarah Connor narrating that the machines are going to eventually send a Terminator back in time to kill either Sarah or John as a baby, and how it has to be stopped. John comes up with only one solution: Kill the creator of time travel. A bit risky, considering that he needs time travel to be born but hey, desperate times. So John Connor sends a T-1000 back in time to kill Doc Brown and hopefully save the future.

Meanwhile, at the same time (relatively speaking), Doc and Marty are getting set-up to test the DeLorean and see if it can go back in time. When it does Marty ends up getting it to go back in time, ending up in 1955 and having to try and escape from the barn he crashed in. As he drives away the T-1000 from the future arrives and, seeing the DeLorean, immediately tries to destroy it and its driver (who it presumes to be the creator of time travel). When Marty manages to shake off the T-1000 he continues the plot as normal, with him accidentally stopping his mother from meeting father and putting his future in danger. It’s during this time he meets the T-800, who explains to Marty what is going on, while no doubt protecting him from the T-1000s attack. Later that night the T-1000 goes to Doc’s house to kill Doc Brown, only to be saved by the T-800 and Marty. The three of them escape in the DeLorean and plan their next move as Doc ponders what his invention will be used for in the future.

When Doc finds out that Marty has put his own future in jeopardy they realise that they must get George and Lorraine to fall in love, otherwise Marty will stop existing and the temporal paradox might destroy the universe. With few options open to them Marty enrols in the school and starts to try and get George and Lorraine to fall in love together. However, the T-1000 finds them and tries to take Marty out. Fortunately the T-800 is there to protect Marty while Marty escapes. The two fight, the T-800 being badly damaged by the T-1000 (but not before bumping into Biff when the T-800 gets thrown into the diner, leading to him shooting Biff). Fortunately Doc comes in to save the day driving the DeLorean, with the T-800 losing an arm in his attempt to keep the T-1000 at bay. They succeed, getting to the countryside seen in Back to the Future 3. While they rest there they get the T-800 to go back and convince George to go out with Lorraine by scaring him into doing it. However, their hiding spot is discovered and they’re forced to run again to get away from the T-1000 driving the truck. They manage to lose their pursuer once again, but still need to get Marty home after his parents fall in love.

The T-800 helps Doc set up the wires so that Marty can back to the future, threatening a passer-by who inquires too much to ‘make like a tree and get out of here’. When they’re done, the T-800 informs the Doc that the T-1000 might just try to kill Marty’s parents as a way of removing Marty from the equation, with Marty unaware of this fact. Sure enough the T-1000 makes his move, disguising as Biff to kill Marty’s father. Fortunately the T-800 is there to distract the T-1000 and save the day, although he loses his skin in the process. Meanwhile Marty makes sure his parents fall in love by screaming into the microphone, making them realise that they need to seize the moment while they can. The T-1000 decides that now is the best time to strike, so the naked T-800 clears the room by firing off his guns, forcing everyone to flee. The T-1000 flees also, making Marty realise he’s going after the Doc. Marty finds the Doc before the T-1000 gets there and the Doc tells him to get back to the future. Marty wonders whether it’d be better to stop the time machine from ever being built, to destroy it then and there and get stuck in the past. The Doc manages to convince Marty that the time machine isn’t bad and that time travel is a good thing, not a bad, reminding Marty that he’s not the enemy. At that moment the T-1000 strikes, so Doc holds him off while Marty gets in the DeLorean. The cable comes undone and Doc tells the T-800 to fix it while he deals with the T-1000. Just when it looks like the T-1000 has the upper hand the T-800 steps in, wrestles the T-1000 off the Doc and, holding onto the cable as a way of transferring the electricity, blows himself and the T-1000 up when the lighting bolt hits, blowing up the clock tower and sending Marty back to the future.

With both Terminators dead and Marty safely back in 1985 Doc awaits Marty’s return. When Marty and Doc reunite in 1985 Doc takes the time machine on one last trip. He goes to 2019 and meets John Connor, telling John that killing the creator of time travel will doom humanity’s future. John, realising his mistake at how he almost killed Doc Brown, and how Skynet was the one that sent the T-800 back in time to protect Doc Brown, vows to never again try to hurt Doc or Marty. With both of their safety’s guaranteed Doc leaves John the blueprints to the time machine and goes back to the past. John gets to work building the time machine, getting ready to send his father back to 1984 and complete the cycle anew.

So there you have it. My proposed idea for a Back to the Future/Terminator crossover as inspired by a YouTube video. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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