There are things that could be taken the wrong way,
how so,
is another question all together.

But let’s be a little honest,
and say,
that once in our lives,
before or now,
we had that need of a fix.

Could be drugs,
the illegal kind,
or the close to legal,
just depends on who you ask,
of that they take.

Yet coming to see,
that everyone has a fix,
a certain type,
that many bonded over with.

Not only the drug kind,
that needs to be burned,
or shot through a needle,
not even enough the kind that give a warm belly buzz.

In looking of it,
anything is a fix,
akin to a drug,
that we need to use to calm down,
and keep the real world from coming in,
it doesn’t always work.

Withdrawals happen,
when you step out of a zone,
one is not familiar with,
and tries to blend into that crowd,
leading to an overdose,
to a realm of never coming back,
in insanity or death,
there is no beating around that bush there.

Yet again,
we all have a fix to get us by,
some cheaper than most.

One may only rely on one sense from the body,
and nothing more,
than a fucking grand sigh,
and a smile to go with it.

Would I say that could be promoting drugs,
if it was,
I would straight up talking about weed,
and crystal meth,
but I am not,
for that’s my drug of a needed fix.

I don’t need a needle to be happy for an hour,
or the powder kind that gives us a mustache for a few seconds,
before wiping.

But what the others who enjoy a good book,
loving surfing the internet or the Telly channels,
maybe being a troll to make oneself feel better,
and put others down,
or those who want to be put down,
and love when the trolls come whipping.

Digital and physical whipping is a thing,
that becomes a need,
later a want,
and ends being a fix to have.

Others like film,
maybe even a certain genre and just want it around,
as best they can.

Being in the dark,
going out to see nature,
catching fish,
taking a job,
hanging upside down like a bat,
making a borrow out of your blankets as you sleep or lay within,
there is also writing,
reading that good old book you have waiting on,
making reviews,
watching or reading reviews,
wanting the world burn or enjoy the suffering it brings,
while another wants the good times with chances of promise.

There is a drug fix for everyone,
and at times,
at our moment of breaking,
we need it,
the reasons go on,
but just going inside out,
of it all,
will only leave on to ponder more,
than do.

And to that,
is a fix,
no one can really give up on,
cause deep down,
we choose not,
we know it is there,
but how we handle it,
relies on the person alone.

Not the ideals from others,
you know,
that’s your thing,
than go for it,
I am not stopping you.

But try and remember the breaks,
or you’ll get lightheaded,




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