Learn everything,
but don’t be everything,
there is one you,
who’s an idea,
a dream to act out on,
go places,
like the common person,
putting chances on a thought,
living on the action,
being yourself,
embracing everything that,
just to be sure,
to remember what start it all,
on being who you are,
going out there in the world,
taking a risk,
to find oneself,
though sure,
that’s not for everyone,
that happens,
reasons to what that is,
goes just the for those whom try,
that’s how it goes,
risk it all,
but remember to have a fall back plan,
you want to be on top of the world,
go for it,
but remember when one flies,
you got to land,
crashing or not,
it is a landing,
and you’re the driver of the future,
take the keys and go,
and if you land,
flawlessly or crashing,
and still walk out of it alive,
even if you didn’t noticed it,
congrats to you,
as you got it.




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