Hello My fellow expressionist ope you are well. it been a while that a did a top ten blog and being that it is United States birthday i figured why not make a list that speaks to her and and so i decided to a list of mten music that speaks to american all across the country. now like alway this list is my own opinion and if you do not again i can completely understand in fact tell me on the comment section what song speack american.And with that said let get started .

. The Star Spangled Banner

lyrics by Francis Scott Key

Music by John Stafford Smith

sing by everyone


Yes our own national anthem. how can it not be on this list. You hear it almost every time you at a major event. sport Stadium. and to many it is the staple of american pride. and yet one may ask why the hell do i have this so low in the list. well the reason goes as follow: for a song that is considerably sing by many it still hard to blive that hardly anyone know the lyric to the fist verse. also did you know that there is not one but four verse to the song. well apperntly not many. Know don’t get any bad idea that i hate this song; no i love song and if you know the history of the war of 1812 you would know that this song has a special meaning to both our country as well as to the man who had originally wort as a pome of the even he as well had wittiness history happenig in fort of them.

. America Fukk yha

From the soundtrack Team America: world Police


Yep this made the cut and with good reason this song pumps people up. featured in the movie Team America: World Police as a morkey it end up a call card ( raillery cry) for who say you must with america you will come for you. the song has also becoame link with famous internet review such as linkra and OriousLupa and is one of the only politically incorrect song that is love by millions.

.When Johnny come Marching Home

By Patrick Gilmore

This Songs was a Marching call in the civil War. Johnny come Marching home was writing by a union shoulder and Iash american military Bandmaster Patrick Gilmore yet publish under the name Louis Lambert. This song still to day play an important part of history doing that time and yet it also a song that have more question than answered never the less weather you believe it was a romice so you his ture love or a really cry for the union troops.
when you hear this song you internally know what time peoded it came from.

American Pie

by Don McLean

not a song i would go back to listen but it is a classic. and it was mad cover by a couple of singers over the years it’s a weird song and reason for it existed is even weirder yet at is a song that everyone seem to like and yesis is a song the stand the test of time.

Coming to America

by Neil Diamond


love this song and so dose most of the people across the U.S.A it a song i can listen to again and again and not get tired of it. Neil Diamond is the man and this song is proof of that.



there are so many vireson of the song that are so good i might as well lt you be the pick with on is best but if you must know it lenny kravitz i love yet i also love the one GUESS WHo hd do and let us not forget the one the great Jimi Hendrix had done. the song may not speak patriotism but yet try tell to some women who fine this song “groovy”

America,The Beautiful

by Ray Charles


If it was for a other song on this list this would had been number one and for many expressionist it is number one and why not Ray Charlie had sing this song with such great pride and passion in a way that he know how; with class. Ray was a great artist,God rest is soul, and his love for American can be easy shown in this song yes this song had been sing by other artistes over the year but none had done it beast like Ray Charles did it is trying a classic song that must be hard by all.

Born in the U.S.A

by Bruce Springsteen


if this was not on this list I think Les would have kill me. not to worry it is high on the list to be in fact number one in fact and why will if Lister to the song it speak for it self. and what so interting, so noticalbe aobut this song is that it had a massage of how wrong this country could be spectfecly how we treat our shouger comng home from war. that right this song it my about whant wrong with america and not jst glorifying it greatest. and doing that thim of this song relace it had spoken to more people more than any other music doing that year and still dose to this day. there are many who hate this song for that. And there are other that had said that the song is simply miss understood I said i can understand and respect a song that can give feedback as lettig people aware of issue America is dealing with rath than sing just how prefect this country. Bruce Springsteen understood it and so do i and that why i put it at number one. But you may disagree. and that cool too. So places tell me you pick. I like to know. But utle than this is J 77 saying take care

By Jockerlee 77

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