D is how yes, there just some people that can the worst, or even how some kind of media rubs others the wrong, we can try again and again to turn the other cheek, but at the end of it all, we all must just Digress every fucking opinion given, or there is little point to deal with things, while slowly burying them in the backyard.

I follows, on how it comes there can be the lack Infirmness of words and actions, and in blind rage, it can’t be help in that way of looking through it all, but that’s just how one can go from lack of reason, lead to one downfall in being relationships or anything like that.

C moves on how Coapting the rights and wrong, don’t fully work, but that’s the trial and error, than just trying to oust due on one another, because mindless choices, and reflecting back when the tables turn, before one knows it.

K goes for how in through all the world, from the distance land where the sunrises, to where the sun mid, and where the sun sets, we can look to one another, but to force all that is a higher Kami, gets one nowhere, and one is seen as a jerk, or brainless, and with that, this ends for now.




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