Star Trek has such a long history with so many different characters, that fans tend to be torn of who their favorites are. And who they think is the most annoying. Usually I agree with the characters found to be annoying. For instance, I never hated Neelix as much as others seem to, but he didn’t thrill me either. Though he does have his fans.  I have never heard anyone try to defend Dr.Pulaski, just a god awful character. And I’ve already discussed Wesley Crusher.



However, as I look over lists of hated characters I have noticed that there some characters that most if not everyone hates, and I can’t understand why. It’s not that these characters are without flaws, but I think that people tend to be a tad hard on them. So, here now are five Star Trek characters that everyone seems hate, but I love them.


Ok, before I even start I am not saying I am the only one who nay like these characters. I am sure they have their fans. It just seems like like the majority do not like them. And that’s OK by the way, just offering my two cents.




Honestly, I needed a DS9 example and this was the best I could come up with. Jake never did anything for me, and I hated Vic Fontaine as much as anyone else. But I do see a lot of people seem to be annoyed by Jadzia. Yeah she could be smug and arrogant, but that was the character. The trill which was a part of her was hundreds of years old, and with that kind of experience you’re bound to have that arrogance. Jadzia was smart and kicked ass, I loved her. Though she did get a bit snarky at times. What about Ezri? Ehhh…..  A lot of people also like to say Keiko O’Brien but she wasn’t on enough to really count her.






This may come as a surprise, I know it did to me. I really can’t believe how many lists this guy appeared on. Riker was awesome! He was a total badass, you just didn’t want to mess with him. He single handedly figured out how to defeat the Borg in Best of Both World’s for pete’s sake! I think the complaints come from the times when he seems to be just there to shout “RED ALERT” over and over (how much does it suck to live on the Enterprise with that damn thing going off all the time?). Riker is charming, cool, and awesome. He knows how to have fun but when he is serious, he is dead serious! Ok to be fair, first season Riker sucked. He could be a bit annoying with his grinning like an idiot all the time, but we don’t count first season TNG. After he grew his beard and stopped acting like an idiot, he really rocked! The movies mostly ignored him, but that’s another discussion.






I am very surprised to her on so many hated character lists. Why is that? I supposed you could argue that she has no purpose other than to sit there smiling while other characters ramble on. But Guinan serves the same role as the bartender in the old west. When someone needs to let off some steam or get some advice, Guinan is perfect. She doesn’t judge, doesn’t lecture..she let’s the person get what they need to say out of their system, and if she needs to offers a suggestion to help them get some clarity. I love Guinan and think she fit in very well. Some complain that she serves the same role as Troi. Well, no. Troi herself once pointed out that people got to Guinan when they want to reveal something. Troi has to get people to reveal things they don’t want to reveal. Trust me, that’s a big difference. Speaking of Troi…..





#2.Laxwana & Deanna Troi
Yeah I decided to combine these two. For some reason these two get so much hate and I think that a lot of it is unfair.





A lot of people have problems with Deanna. I guess I can see why. TNG chose to dress her in stupid outfits and not let her contribute very much in the early years. There are many episodes early one where she is just kind of, there. She did get better as the series went on, but by the time she was really kicking ass in Season 6 & 7 no one cared. I like Troi, even though I really can’t counter most of the arguments against her. I guess it’s because I blame the stupid writers for making her the chick. When she was rocked, she really rocked. And her relationship with Riker was fantastic.






Laxwana is a little more complicated. While there are people who liked Deanna, I am very hard pressed to find anyone who can defend Laxwana. And it’s true, she can be annoying. She is loud and has no regard for privacy with her telepathy. The first couple episodes where she was mooning over Picard were hard to take. To be fair “Manhunter” and “Menage a Troi” are two bad episodes. However, she did have her other side which people seem to ignore. She truly does love her daughter and while overprotective, she means well. And what about those other episodes? in “Half a Life” she is devastated to find out her new love is going to have to die (long story). It’s a very well acted episode. In “Cost of Living” she becomes a mother figure to Alexander, and there is one very good scene when she confesses to Alexander how lonely she really is. And then there is “Dark Page” where we find out a big secret she has kept for years. She had another daughter who met with a tragedy. This episode explains so much about her, why she was so upset in “Cost of Living”, why she is so determined to have someone even if it’s Picard or the loser Capio, and why she is so overprotective of Deanna. And Majel Barett was just great in these episodes. True Laxwana had her moments, but if you get past those you see a very vulnerable woman who is just trying not to give in to her loneliness. Sounds like a good character to me!


Oh and what about her three appearances on DS9? I only saw one and don’t really remember it. I was going to re-watch them but couldn’t get around to it. Bottom line, I think Laxwana was a much better character than people are wiling to give her credit for.








#1.Captain Janeway
Yeah, you saw this one coming. Admit it. So let’s discuss her. While I have seen some say they also loved Janeway, it seems the majority hated her. Especially reviewer SF Debris who infuriates me with his version of Janeway. Seriously, which series did he watch?? He makes her out as a sadistic cold heated witch.  Janeway was not perfect and made mistakes, but why does that makes her a bad captain exactly? Are you telling me Kirk, Picard, and Sisko didn’t make mistakes? It seems like many of the reasons people hate Janeway come from the fact that she is a woman. It’s Ok for the men to be tough and not take any nonsense, but as soon as Janeway does it she’s a bitch. No, she is in command. She knows that her crew could lose faith in her, easily!, so she has to make sure they know she is in control. One of her best episodes is “The Void”, where she is depressed because she realizes what her mistakes have cost the crew. And her absence affects everyone. Janeway is the glue that kept everyone from giving up. She never gave up, and that gave the crew the confidence to believe they would somehow make it home. Also it’s important to remember Voyager was lost, so she had to be a little tougher since there was no Starfleet to call on for backup when things went bad.  Now, did she have bad episodes? Well sure, every character has good and bad episodes. I loved Janeway and thought she rocked!!



speaking of Voyager I saw Seven of Nine pop up a lot, people insisting that she had no reason to be on the series besides sex appeal. These people clearly never watched, or they would have realized she was the most interesting character on that show. Chakotay appeared a lot also, but I rally wasn’t a fan of him either. And what about Harry? Ummm……




So, no classic Star Trek? I couldn’t come up with an example from that series. Maybe Chekov, maybe. I loved Rand and Chapel. And that’s about it.

And what about Enterprise? Yech.



By the way I have no idea why there is only male character on here, just sort of worked out that way.





What about you guys? Any characters that most seem to hate that you actually like? Comment and let me know.

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