Out of line,
out of character,
that’s just not you,
but after thing that has happen,
was all because you were out of your,
far from the element that keeps you,
at a quite level,
is that what happen,
or because you just felt it,
because if no one would,
who would than,
to speak out in the world of silence,
that’s also understandable,
yet lacks the reason why,
but who really cares,
if there is a reason or not,
what’s the worst that could happen,
the famous last words,
of how too true that is,
looking back,
and knowing the present,
and worrying for the future,
what could happen,
what becomes good,
turns bad,
going through the depression,
driving deep in anger,
finding everything is lost,
going over the long ways to find nothing,
soon just making a answer,
half ass,
but better than nothing,
out of line,
out of character,
but in the ways,
of our people before us,
and the people that will soon come,
being thus as,
out of line,
out of character,
because who else will,
when things go back,
to just black and white,
when really we live,
faulty and honestly in a very gray world,
that at this moment,
is just at its damn will fastest,
not to blow up,
you get that,
or I am just another one those,
with a long pipe dream,
that rounds the world,
under ten seconds flat,
got to ask from one fool,
to another,
is that too much to ask for,
to be not what they want,
to be out of line,
to be out of character,
live in the moment,
and keep trying,
no hope,
just give the will,
for those who stopped.



To give a better reply as it felt lack luster before to angel bob’s poem: https://www.manic-expression.com/time/

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