There’s something to be said for professionalism. The Internet is littered with the half assed work of people who cobble together their ‘original’ thoughts out of the ‘original’ thoughts of dozens of other people, type it all out in thirty seconds and hit ‘post.’ No craft. Not even a quick look to make sure their work isn’t rife with typos.

This is not the case with Curiosity Inc., Manic Expression’s most prolific movie blogger. Week after week he gives us professional, well thought out reviews of all the latest movies, from the big blockbusters to the smaller independent movies. While many ‘critics’ are happy to simply say “I like da movie, you stupid if you don’t,” Curiosity Inc. gives us well thought out, detailed reviews becoming of a professional film critic.

I’ll admit right now, I don’t really know Curiosity Inc. outside of his reviews. We’ve never really emailed back and forth, and I couldn’t tell you the first thing about who he is as a person. That said, he’s a hell of a writer. I don’t need to know him personally to tell that he takes pride in his work, and as a writer myself I know that if you take pride in what you put down on paper (or a computer screen), you take pride in everything else you do in life.

Last time I checked Manic Expression had over 1500 members. Many of these people were active once but have gotten too busy with life to post regularly any more. Many are viewers but not contributors. Probably more than a handful are spambots who snuck in last year when the new site went up and our defenses were down for a day. There are simply too many people here for me to know all of you as well as I’d like. Perhaps that’s the price of success.

While I don’t know Curiosity Inc. well, I’m proud that he’s a part of this site. He’s someone who delivers, week after week, polished, well thought our critiques of the latest movies. He’s fair, respectful, and takes pride in what he does. That makes him a valued Expressionist, and someone I hope to see around here for many years to come.

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