Closing the door behind, the Don went inside of the kitchen and place his grocery on top of counter. He was about them away when he heard a sound form inside his bed room. At first he give it no thought but he hard it again and this time he give a hard look at his bed room door which was the room was pitch black. Feeling a little unease, the Don movie slowly toward his bedroom. Once inside he turn on the light and notice one the windo was open, something the Don himself never do when inside and out of the house. Puling out his gun he walk toward the window, close it, and begin to look around the room.

“I know you are in here.” The Don said while scooping the room. “It was dumb of you to break in my place of rest. Mine you I have to give you respect that you had pull such a feet it is the only reason why I will kill you quickly.”

Don Lisandro had turn his attention toward the closet and with a smile he began to move closer toward it. The was a reason; the door was open and begin he never lift the closet door open it was observes that whoever it was hat had broken in he his home. Of courses it would be smile to just shoot the closet first and then open it to the see the dying man inside but he did not want to ruin his new paint job and beside he wanted to see this scum beg for his life before killing him. However as quickly open the closet door he pointed the gun toward a baby blue wall. With suits I the right side and Taylor shits on the lift.

“Hurr,” The Don granted for he was a pit disappointed that he there was one he could kill, Fuckin brassards,” he said again as he slamming the closet door.

Looking around his room and realizing that nothing was taken the Don place had concluded that someone was here and that they ran for their fields once they heard him entered the house.

“Dammit,” he said angrily while throwing his gun on the bed before heading toward the bathroom for a quick shower before heading for bed. However as he open the bathroom door the don was shock for the saw a boy. The same boy he encounter an hours ago nail down on the bathroom door pointing a piston directly at his chest. Look and cold anger was written all over the boy eyes, and the Don wasn’t able to draw a signal word before the boy pull the trigger.

The pain was scrap and quick. The Don eyes wind as the fort of the push him at the edge of the bathroom door Lisandro had a wet warm on both his stomach and his back for blood had begun to pure thrown his cloates the look at the boy in utter shock and terror he reach for his holster only to remember that he had lift his gun on the bed making him wind open witch is something he had never thought could happen. The boy however had a look of no mercy written all over this face for he shot the Don again, hitting him in upper part of his chest. With blood pouring out of his mouth the Don tried lean on the edge of the door just so he could stay on his feet and when he did not go down the boy shot him again, hitting him in lift thigh.

Suddenly a look a rage and desperation had overcome the Don, for a murderous gran along with a pocket knife that was facing the boy. And although the boy did not picnic he was wondering why this bustard was still standing. Right knife over his head the Don yelled inhumanly with his eye wined as he hung for the boy the same way a bear would lungs against the attacker would had don great harm to him. With no time to spare the shot the Don again and again and again . yet the Don still kung forward toward him until he collapse on top of him in witch doing that time the boy let out a painful scream. For having a man weight press on top of him. Doing that time he had shot the Don again and t that point the boy the Don mad no attempt to fight back. While looking over toward his right he could see the Don Weapon rest just inches from his ear as he began to swarm and wiggle his way off the Don.

Once he did the boy rose to his feet and doing so the boy tried to control the feeling he was having after what had just happen. It was not easy all around his he could see blood spattered all over the walls and on the floor. Even his cloat where soak, and yet all his attention was on the man he ad gun down.

“Alive,’ he thought to himself I shock. “The bastard is still alive.”

The first thought that came to the boy was to run and not look back. But his scene came back to him. He knew he must finish what he stared he know he could not leave this place without making sure the monster who had course so much terror and pains to both his friends as well as others was gone and he alone could take over his territory and wiping out anyone who tried to stand in his way. But he must cut of the head and must make sure Don Lisandro is dead.

Reaching inside his pocket he pull out two bullets. More than enough to finish the job. While pulling inside the chamber he nail down next the Don and whispered, look at what dose face remind you off?” The boy said this while the Don directly at his face, his eyes fix on him. And to first time the boy cold see the look of fear that was not seen doing the time had had ruled the street of Bensonhurst. He was scared. He did not want to die yet knew there was no way of stopping that now. And yet at that final moment of life he realize who it was that the boy reminded him of it was a face he could not put tighter until now an enemy he had long tried to ride a face of a son he Had barely seen and yet was the sole reason for his demises

“Benigno, Frankie,”

Throw was the last word the Don had said for Frank Benigno the son of Mob Boss Joe Benigno had shot two round Hitting the Don’s head and neck.

By Jockerlee 77

Based On Park Slope Creator

JockerLee 77 & T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III

2015 Manic

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