For this color,
let’s try to be a little THOUGHTFUL,
on what the hue means,
and does,
even for the minor things in life.

Sure as to most,
everything will always be SHIFTING,
from darks to lights,
it becomes like so,
but the meaning loses it all,
as it does.

reasons for why,
is that most,
don’t want to waste everything,
on words,
and fist it with action,
asking in why,
leads to nothing really,
but there is no full care.

With out in the distance of everything,
there in the space,
in sight of the WAVERING AURA,
that signs of good will,
but where to send that feeling,
if no one listens.

Just be SINCERE,
how is that so hard,
be it very rare in the color codes,
why on an emotional cue,
even more badly of all,
just wondering why?

Not asking for the highest praise for the world,
to hear,
but also not asking,
just the whispers of chance,
yet keep it,
just close to SPIRALING MODE,
simple enough,
but nowhere close.

Relying later on just this,
because being raw with no filter,
being on fear,
than just a happy-go-lucky,
blast that all to hell!

Where it comes for humans,
be them who are honest about it all,
or just ones that hide it,
and wish to never speak about,
comes rare to some,
glaring to many,
and few who just don’t understand.

The hue will be lost on the dense jungle,
while the space void of verdigris,
while still have that proud unique Euclase,
while in the end ages to dusty moss.




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