It was 30 minutes till midnight Don Lisandro had just lift the restraint and walking home on a busy street. The festivity was still going strong and the people on the street was singing and dancing and lilting up fire cracker. The on was also into the festively. He was talking to the neighborhood people and eating the food while yelling joyful pander as he continued to walk cheerfully down the street; unwaere that the was a figure that was follow him from the distant. A figure wich for mouth had watch his ever movie studying his hobbits and keeping tap of his boy who for time too time who not be by his side this was one of throw time. And for the Don, it was a mistake that will cost him dearly.

The figure say his distant. Which was easy to do being his age and his look of innocent when the don had stop he had stop was watch was he talk to the a shop owner and then a boy on the street, and a street clearing who despite being a color had said in a cold but respectful ton happy new year to him a he continue to walk down the street. Ten minutes had pass and the Don was view steps away from his home. Knowing that the Don would stop by at a local Italian supermarket and would be a good five minutes or so before he head to his apartment building, the figure quickly moved pass heading for not the fort but the back enters way of the building

Doing which time the Don was taken grocery without paying the store owner and was evening going inside the cash registrar in order to college on what he call a protection money for the owner as well as for his family. After that he heading toward his apartment building , humming to himself as he place this key inside the doorknob, turn it, and went inside his apartment, home only to never leave there alive again.

By JOckerlee 77

Based on Park Slope Creators

Jockerlee & T-kun U.W.S III

2015 Manic

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