To find certain marks of great stardom,
everything needs amount of the following;
a good script,
great cast,
a fine model to set order,
figures who wish to see the dream come true,
lighting and pacing,
while all having best of timing to get all ready,
that’s of how most of best,
get the word out,
on what they can do,
though sadly,
not all is a win,
but not all is a lost,
nor enough of the middle ground,
of it all,
becomes a chance to always learn from the mistakes,
and the goals that were made,
and maybe someday surpass,
of how it happens,
relies only on the ideal mind,
common thought of how this came to be,
is from the words,
a man whom at times enjoy a good drink,
looking back on bad films,
trying to what makes them good,
but also what broke them,
odd of how that works,
is something only this man,
could master,
even after of how long of a time has pass,
and to that,
makes a grand illusion,
of how things could be done,
yet also fail,
and fail,
adding to failing even more,
but always standing up at the end of the day,
and thinking,
that yes,
this damn world will hear a once silent voice,
that doesn’t give a crap,
hopefully one day,
everyone will understand,
the term of originality,
is not worth a damn thing,
the new term,
that all should know now,
is that of the words of the subsequent;
mold breaking,
revamp clichés,
and so forth,
that’s how a new fable is told,
and hopes to be held to dear to most,
or likely burned at the stake to a larger eye view,
coming to now,
for most to know,
for that is how yes,
all should try in making a media masterpiece,
go ask the basic jerk,
and the answers of insight,
won’t be that much of any other,
get it,
here is hoping,
and to the cheers,
loud and proud,
to all media masterpieces,
from the past,
and whatever the goddamn future is planning,
to drown upon us,
just like so.




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