we just have that small moment of brightness,
an idea that comes through by passing moments,
that many would question,
while others would embrace it,
leading to where,
relies on the person who thought,
taking into many new formats,
and expanding a little line words,
into a story,
that others,
big crowd,
or just a cult,
will want to hear it,
and maybe themselves bounce back from it,
coming with their own ideas,
mirroring or molding anew,
from that past ideal thought,
nothing is really old,
nor really old,
as long with fresh minds,
wise minds,
crazy minds,
and basic minds have ideas,
nothing in the world is really bland,
on a lower scale that is,
if it was compare to the great,
it would be seen as a lie,
a false moment of hope,
that should go clawing back into the depths of hell,
it came from,
letting it drown in that way,
that nothing it does,
will amount to anything,
for anyone to enjoy or hate,
and just become a middle ground,
that didn’t break anything new,
nor even reach anyone’s argue of hatred to stay away,
it may sound off,
and would have some choice words to follow it,
but yes everything is art,
reflecting in theme,
play value,
and passion,
someone will stand up for it,
while another will likely burn it,
that’s what is having a balance is for,
as in speaking of the past,
not everything should be one-sided,
if it was,
the world would be too bland,
too saccharine,
too horrible,
too lifeless,
too stone,
and too cold,
we don’t want to fight,
making wars of trolls and guns,
but we can’t stay blinded by love and peace forever,
no matter how good or bad it may sound,
depending on one’s mindset,
it’s just an idea,
that will be praised and broken of every inch of it,
until nothing,
until it founded in the past,
as a once was that made voices roll of differences,
again good or bad,
all can’t be the same,
but we all must know,
or try to understand,
that there is small things that make us different,
reflecting ourselves as one and whole,
some may agree,
some may disagree,
some may be lost,
some may over think it,
and some may just say,
end it now,
because that is far too real . . .
well guess what,
that’s the point,
real and fiction,
are what make our happy grace lands across the world,
as we remember the history,
we set forth new fables to pass down,
to mix things up,
not to lie or be too honest,
but to show,
yes we are never clear of things,
but we know,
well enough,
what we are doing,
no matter the outcome,
that’s how our minds work,
we’re not animals,
but as some would say,
we once were,
and need to recall of the basic needs and wants,
before having the will to shut down others,
because one does not match the other,
because before all that,
it didn’t matter,
it was all about,
and sadly now,
that term has become very ugly to others,
to where the walls go up,
and the ideas just die,
because no one,
wanted or had the need to listen.



Hey guys, I thought to make a side note in asking if you got any ideas of the non-poem kind. I have been feeling the need to step out the norm again for blogs, but haven’t gotten a clue for what kind of non-poem blogs to do. If you have any ideas, comment and let me know, I love to hear it . . . no matter how strange or crude it might be, I am open for anything. With that, bye for now and catch you all later, bye!

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