Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to address the religious and bigoted backlash being thrown at the Supreme Court’s ruling on Same Sex Marriages. For those of you who may not have heard, the US Supreme Court just ruled 5-4 that Same Sex Marriages are now Constitutional in all 50 states. Essentially, the LGBT community just won a huge victory in their quest for equality in America from a legal standpoint(still need to fix the public opinion from the ignorant, bigoted and religiously intolerant, but I digress….).

Naturally, a lot of hate-filled comments followed the article. I’d like to attempt to inject some reason and common sense into those comments.

Some fell back on the Bible’s interpretation on marriage and homosexuality, making claims that they rely on a “higher authority” than the Supreme Court to make the final judgement on this issue, or stated another way, “Gays days are numbered and they’re all going to Hell in the end.” Which, to me, begs the question, “If that’s the case, why not leave it in God’s hands, and let him judge them in the afterlife?” Seriously, why take it upon yourselves to punish these people in the here and now, if you’re so sure that God hates them and will punish them after they die? Since when does GOD need your help dispensing his “Justice?” Wasn’t he quite capable of razing Soddom & Gamorrah and causing the 40 day flood without the assistance of mere mortals?  Isn’t it the pinnacle of arrogance to take it upon yourself to claim to know God’s will and act on his behalf?  Isn’t that similar to what ISIS is doing in the way they’re interpreting the Koran? Aren’t they claiming to do the “will of Allah” by committing terrorist acts against infidels? Wasn’t that the same thing Osama Bin Laden was doing back in 2001-taking murderous actions from a belief it was “ordained by Allah?”  When are religious extremists going to get a clue?-YOUR GOD DOESN’T NEED YOUR HELP TO ADMINISTER HIS WRATH!  Why don’t you attempt to live good lives and take care of yourselves and your families instead of trying to destroy other people and their families?


I am, also, constantly baffled by why some groups of heterosexuals are so insecure in the face of homosexuality. Honestly, they’re not forcing you to be homosexuals…they’re just trying to enjoy their lives practicing their own sexuality. If they’re not condemning your right to be Man/Woman in the bedroom, why should you give a damn what they do in their bedroom? They’re not attempting to destroy the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. You can still get married Man/Woman, can you not? They’re attempting to have the same legal rights as married couples that heterosexual marriages enjoy(Things like being able to include their spouses in insurance plans and inheritances…).


Other’s comments got more ridiculous. Some moaned about how the next thing the Supreme Court would rule legal is beastiality….ok, what they really said was allow a man to marry a goat, but the implication was certainly there…..YES, there’s apparently a huge demographic of Americans who want to marry livestock…..really? I find it quite hard to believe that THAT demographic exists in numbers large enough to even get the requisite number of signatures on a ballot to even have it voted on, so is THIS seriously a threat in any way?…REALLY?


Many just made random comments about how this is a huge step backwards for humanity, to which I reply: HOW? If we were stepping backwards, we’d be stoning the homosexuals, adulteresses, unmarried mothers and random blacks to death again. Treating homosexual American Citizens with the same legal rights as heterosexual American Citizens is a step forward. It is a step towards equal rights for all American Citizens regardless of sexual orientation, as well as race, creed, religious beliefs, etc. As far as I’m concerned. This was way overdue, and should be heralded as a great day for the supposed “All men are created equal” notion that Thomas Jefferson penned in the “Declaration of Independence.” Back in his day, he was attempting to address black slavery, but men should be men by any definition that makes them up for whether makes them equal in the eyes of the law.


As far as I’m concerned, we, as Americans should be attempting to live up to our credo that “All men are created equal.”-and that includes the LGBT community, my friends. Peace.

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