Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to talk about awesome soundtrack moments. Yeah, I just watched the Nostalgia Critic’s Top 11 “FUCK YEAH!” Soundtrack Themes video(And agreed with most of his picks…..but had some problems with it and some of the things he said too…) Him stating that only the title song of “Star Wars” was memorable struck me as a statement from someone who’s clearly forgotten 90% of the original Star Wars trilogy through God only knows what traumatic or possibly drug-influenced events that rendered a state of selective amnesia….however, far be it for me to criticize the Nostalgia Critic…Instead, I’d like to show you all just how awesome and memorable the Star Wars original trilogy soundtrack really was, and leave it up to you to decide).


And so, I’d like to list and demonstrate my top 12 musical moments of Star Wars that were unforgettable and gave the films a definite “FUCK YEAH!” greatness that pumped me up to consume massive amounts of popcorn and cheer at the movie screen. Why 12? Because I like to go one step beyond one step beyond!

#12.  The Imperial March(The Empire Strikes Back)



Why not start with the most iconic and meme-worthy music in the John Williams arsenal. The theme music for the Big Bad Imperial forces(Hey NC…remember how you used it in your “Twister” review?…..forgettable indeed!).


#11.  The Medal Ceremony/End Titles(Star Wars)


The perfect accompaniment for a walk of honor for the heroes past a crowd of adoring rebels to get their rewards for a job well done. It’s regal and moving. Plus the end titles are one of the best scored in any film I’ve ever seen(out of hundreds and hundreds of films).


#10.  Luke stares at the binary sunset(Star Wars)



The Family Guy even homaged this moment in their “Blue Harvest” spoof of the film….it’s just so gorgeously epic and filled with “DESTINY!!!!!!!”


#9.  The Cantina Band(Star Wars)

C’MON! How in the hell could anyone forget this song? It might be the first time a Trinidad Steel Drum was used with 2 clarinets, an alto and a soprano saxophone, a synth bass and percussion instruments to produce a “space band” sound jam session.


#8.  The Sarlaac Battle(Return of the Jedi)


at :58 The suspense notes of the tuba and strings, alone, make this a worthy inclusion here. Then, it explodes with Jedi-fueled excitement as Luke uses the plank the spring him into the fight as R-2 flings him his lightsaber.


#7.  Wookie Prisoner/Detention Block Ambush


This one’s just so exciting once the “prisoner” goes berserk and the 2 “transport troopers” try and stop him, shooting everyone else, instead…


#6.  The Tractor Beam/Chasm Crossfire

The “Fuck Yeah,” moments begin at 2:01. It is there that Han attacks a group of Stormtroopers…they counter and chase him and Chewie…and Luke and Leia get trapped on a bridge they can’t extend over a huge chasm and a lot of crossfire.


#5.  Rescue from Cloud City/Hyperspace(The Empire Strikes Back)


Granted it starts out slow(the scene where Darth Vader reveals his true identity to Luke and he falls to hang from a weather vane where he calls out to Leia and she hears him and turns the Falcon around to get him)…at 5:06…but after that, the track is one giant OMG!…OMG!…OMG!….MUST GET AWAY! pulse of suspense that is kicked into…er…hyperspace as the Millennium Falcon FINALLY manages to shoot into hyperspace-WOW! Are those ever triumphant notes right at the end! WOOT!


#4.  The Battle of Hoth(The Empire Strikes Back)



And what about the epic score to one of the most epic battles in film? After some well wishes and preparation…and Admiral Ozzel failing Vader for the last time….the Empire shows up and POW!(3:06)You get an amazing composition of daunting odds, and heroic deeds. You can really feel those musical hits match the thumps of the giant walker feet and the desperate defense of the rebellion against these mechanic mammoths.


#3.  The Asteroid Field(The Empire Strikes Back)


This track is wall-to-wall thrilling and epic. ‘nuff said.


#2.  Ben’s Death/Tie Fighter Attack(Star Wars)


From tragic moment to OMG! balls-to-the-walls EPIC!, this track that has you on the edge of your seat from the get go to the final tie-fighter explosion.


And My #1 Favorite “FUCK YEAH!” Memorable Musical Moment from the Original “Star Wars” Trilogy Soundtrack that ISN’T the Main Title is…


The Battle of Yavin(Star Wars)

This sequence has about 8 or 9 “FUCK YEAH” moments throughout it as it wonderfully builds the action, suspense and excitement from the rebel launch from the 4th moon of Yavin right up to Luke’s “One shot in a million.”

And those are my top 12 favorite “FUCK YEAH!” and memorable musical moments in the original Star Wars trilogy soundtrack that are epic and awesome. Did I miss any you loved? I’d love to hear what moments moved you musically, my friends. Peace.

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