To Pretty Boy and The Second Opinion, at the time this was poem was being written and edited, and bit forgotten afterwards, I was very cross with you two on certain things of topics farther back, that made me question some things of the free verse world that I did and do for blogs, that weren’t even aim in that subject but reflected it. And that this is my response at the time, though now, not the same anymore, but the idea itself was something to speak about, so please don’t take it to heart that I dislike you or anything.

This is just a long out rant, combing you two together . . . oh boy. Try to enjoy or just . . . crap never mind, call me out, I might have had it coming anyway. I rather come clean than have this weighing me down. Sorry.




How to be,
and the follow word is blank,
leading for the question to be filled,
with a simple or a goal,
but just to make sure others,
let us begin . . .

How to be a writer;
you pick up a pen or find a keyboard and go for it,
what comes out,
is for you.

How to be a singer;
find a beat or sing along with your favorite singer,
and practice the high and low tones,
and in time maybe you’ll think about a coach,
or testing out in groups that give the chance.

How to be a reviewer,
break everything of the media of choice,
of good,
focal points,
the actors,
the writing,
the pacing,
break everything down.

How to be a baker,
you cook,
and hopefully not burn the house down,
but read the cookbooks,
let every minute go into it,
and in time step out.

How to be a dreamer,
you dream of problems,
and fiction,
keeps the brain going and strong,
not to judge everything,
but to know the ticking moments of the worlds,
that are just at the fingertips.

How to be, how to be,
how to be and add the blank,
do the research into what it takes,
though in warning,
it will always be fall short,
for most ways don’t fit,
and may hold down risks,
so feel free,
to take an idea,
and expand with how you would do it.

A little out there and not much help,
and maybe sounds like a fortune cookie.

Take the hint of how this came to be,
and not from just a wild ideal dream,
in others that come in the following,
comes from just that:
Tiny Figments Of Life Have Roles,
You Cast Them,
How You See Fit . . .
to one day reach out to others,
just as the dupe who wrote this.

Understand of how to be blanks lead to little moments,
do wonders,
and also left the wanders,
to maybe take a try at what they love.

Life is a film,
a rating,
a chance,
a shock,
a joke,
a crime,
a mystery,
a book,
a recipe,
a song,
a beat,
a quote,
a rhyme,
tiny just tiny things,
that at times step out of the norm,
and make an exertion to stand out.

How to be something worth for others,
is something everyone has to do on their own,
even maybe analysis something like this,
is just a second opinion,
which only means something,
if you wish it to.

What we want to be and what we need to be,
will always,
no lie,
always pull us in a way that is grand for benefits,
or sadly lead to dead ends.

Giving up or trying again,
well hello,
you just learned a new lesson.

Everything takes a step,
that turn to many steps,
for we go from a crazy dream,
learning from small sayings of it could be,
being driven by it,
studying everyone moment inside and out,
where it comes to full circle,
in looking back on was it worth it?

We have doubt,
we have fear,
have goals,
we have a life to live once,
and want to use every second we can do it right.

And in the end,
we could fail,
or excel from it.

Again this all an second opinion of someone who understands,
but enough to know of how the world works,
and just wants to others to understand,
that if they are misguided,
they are not alone.

But don’t always hang on everyone from just one voice,
too much of a narrow path,
leads to walking a damn withering tight rope of death,
over a pit of fatal snake thorns.

For most,
have very little to work with as well,
every moment of learning from just a glance of something,
comment left by someone,
a question that may or not have an answer,
insight to the unknown or well known but still asked,
one dumb span click away,
it’s a growth.

Never a smart one,
but again we learn,
and a second opinion to follow on it.

Just like the train of thought this lead to,
pulling the witty blame on,
for it popped a question,
on what can make a person tick.

And to that,
to you,
what makes you tick,
to voice it out to others,
learn or teach,
and expand from that.




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