Not everyone has a father,
there are certain moments of life that don’t add up,
skipping out saying nice things,
to man who is seen as a protector,
always there,
shoulder to cry on,
but not everyone has one,
sometimes it could be that someone has two mothers,
one parent that is female,
live with the elder second parents,
known as grandma and grandpa,
could live with a uncle,
or a good male friend of the family,
because no one else wanted the young,
maybe having two dads might be a little off,
mostly one feels more as a father than a mother,
but they are both loved equal,
yet the day is known as a father’s day,
not daddies’ day,
to that it will likely end it all,
by just take the day as it is,
family is family,
give some love,
on and off the day,
it only be a choice to have a fun day,
on a day made for a certain reason,
but it shouldn’t be the main focus,
so calm down,
just calm down,
it can’t be a big deal,
father’s day or even mother’s day,
grandparents’ day,
even now thinking of it all,
birthdays tend to die down,
when reaching a age,
where interest change,
to where to find in a colorful package,
doesn’t come that easy to the hand,
it can’t be not a father,
not a problem,
to die down on,
thinking there is nothing else to it all,
nothing that easy,
a title is just a title,
a day is a bloodily day,
it can’t always amount to something,
when even in thought,
knowing well,
to where now,
the heart is just not in it,
and coming down to it,
adding it up now,
skipping the day makes things easy,
doing things around it,
and making some of it,
does more than taking,
and to that,
on a nice day,
or not,
giving love and taking it away,
changes nothing,
that it is damaging,
the only thing at risk really,
is a bond,
nothing much else,
other to say,
have a good day,
with someone,
to care about,
gender cases aside,
and go from there,
bye for now,
love on.




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