Insanity of Nothing

There is just nothing to do,
nothing at all worth it,
leaving in a small has its ups and downs,
but as now,
with summer rolling in,
certain special days and holidays coming up,
there is very much,
nothing to look forward to,
just within less than a day it feels like,
a holiday is coming,
and it just becomes a day to stay in,
after that,
more moping,
love to see to see a film,
if it wasn’t so much,
watch TV if half the channel shows weren’t block,
later on in the month,
the event theater will be open for a short time,
grabbing what little change I can find,
and have a blast,
up to five bucks,
it almost a four mouths of big movie buster films,
so that’s a plus,
until then,
there is nothing,
don’t want to go to the bar,
she might be there,
can’t go to the church,
not allowed there,
everyone is God’s children,
what a load shit there,
the park is filled with non-locals,
one miss steps out of context,
and the damn cops will show up,
that reminds me,
the food drive is going to happen soon,
better see if I can work there,
or go get a bag during the opening,
though the other she demon might be there,
judging as always,
letting me think that women needs a damn hobby,
light showers could happen,
might go insane when seeing that rainbow,
and go find that pot of gold,
that would be nice,
already got a four leaf clover,
that has to be sign for something,
in this dust bowl of town,
where nothing happens,
the weed shop might need of some boxers,
a few packages seal,
leads to some crisp bills,
making a note there,
as I very much just talk to the walls,
trying not the mind slip away,
there is nothing to do,
until things happen,
until then,
the vendor markets are opening,
but got to up early for that,
so timing is the only thing stopping there,
got some buddies that will be coming by,
short and sweet,
and gone the next day,
really nothing,
didn’t know it could get this bad,
letting the mind just slowly slip away,
coming to terms of why bottle things up,
is never easy,
even if the phone rings,
reading who it could be,
is not all that welcoming,
trying to even to fuck off,
they’ll think it is a thing that is genetics,
always is with that person,
ignoring that call,
text and delete it,
nothing to do,
nothing to do,
god damn this town can be sad,
the firework show and a metro shower is coming around the corner,
okay that’s fine,
just head up the mountains,
and enjoy the view,
alone is needed,
bring the shotgun,
just for safety reasons,
nothing more than that,
heard the news that bears will be coming back into this neck of the woods,
and the bobcats and coyotes weren’t bad enough,
joy just fucking joy,
just thinking that taking night walks,
have become a more hassle than before,
the thought just makes me tired,
that’s normal right,
thinking that a rough night,
walking under a nice moonlit sky,
and having something that could kill you,
as you walk down the road,
that makes you sleepily right,
I want it to be true,
because I want to angry for reasons,
happy for passions,
sad because hey I can be,
snarky is rare but enjoyable,
confuse is a given at every second of life,
but to just feel tired,
that’s normal,
not in the giving up on life tired,
but more just I want to sleep,
and just stay in bed,
like death is just following,
oh no,
now I remember,
another year is nearing,
of that shooting,
the one that turn this town upside down,
and went into the jail,
was a neighbor that was a good,
not really a friend nor a foe,
gone mad for something,
finally cracking maybe of this town,
can do to those who just stick out,
and narrow away,
nothing goes on,
nothing good happens,
often at least,
that’s it,
off to bed I go,
goodnight for now.




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