Besides all the problems that come,
and linger,
just in the passing damn morning,
everything just felt like it was coming apart,
no lie of it all now,
everything just feels it comes apart,
out of the blue,
or slowly just coming close,
sneak attack,
a knife in the back,
so deep,
yet by evening setting,
the numbness helps,
and even with the bloodless,
things have to get done,
broken glass is trapped in the skin,
by the shoeless feet,
that trying to get to one place to another,
going back and forth,
over and over,
just damn,
by night things finally calm down,
enough to just breath,
battered from what it looks like war,
on one’s flesh,
oh how tiring work will be,
but it has to be done,
akin to war or not,
it has to be done,
heal the wounds,
remove the troubles,
sleep when given the chance,
and snap back,
and get back to everything,
just go,
and just go,
with mindset of zombies around,
no tiny shot to the head,
will likely keep them down,
so easily,
coming down an unwinnable fight,
and just within just an inch away,
everything is almost settle,
and in the distance is home,
and the victory sleep to have once more,
before going back into the fight,
for things have to get done,
even for how bitter it is,
must be done,
for there is no chance of making through it all,
if there is no fighting,
winning and losing,
just end so,
rest and battle,
and repeat,
god damn it.




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