There is an old saying; you do something horrid to other the same can come to you ten time fold. That what happen to the late Don Lisandro on the eve of the old New Year’s festival in Bensonhursh what more shocking is despite all of the attempts on his life he was still arrogant to think that nothing bad would ha[pen to him. That he was untouchable. But he wasn’t, the way that he died proved but what many in the neighborhood can’t figure out is who able pull off what so many had failed to do. Most importantly how did the killer manage to get Lisandro’s Apartment without being see?

Lisandro know he had talk to the killer face to face without realizing he was speaking to his maker. It was in his place of business; high chips bar when it all came to a head. There was sitting in the back of the of the bar when he notice a lode commotion from the fort. With his blue yes fix at the door he saw what was going on gustier one of the three workers to approach him.

“What’s the hell’s going on?” Lisandro had asks rather coolly for whie his blue eye stared hard at the fort do where a small boy was talking to one of his employees. “Why the fuck is that kid still doing at the front door,”

“I’m sorry boss but the boy won’t leave. Clams he has a package for you and will not leave until he give it to you in person.

“Hum,” Lisandro said while looking directly at the boy who is pleading with bartender to let him in.

“What do you want me to do?”

Lisandro should had told his employee to kick this boy out into the street and not to show his face again but instead he had chosen to call the boy over just t see what it he want.

“Tony!” he called out to the bartender who had just angrily grab the bit by the shoulder. Bring the boy over here.”

The bartender did what he was told and with one hand on his shirt color her drag the boy toward the table where the Don was sitting.

“Thank you now leave us.” Lisandro ordered.
The the bartender when on with his work Lisandro took the oppertuiniee to give the book a look over; he was not impress. The fact he was wearing worn out ragery close and torn baseball cap give the Don the nornsion that the boy came from the sums. He also smile as if he had not shower in over a week. Yet the eye, throw black eyes had told a different story. It told of a boy that had conferdents and paid and a coldness only killer would have when facing the enemy. Plus his round face had remained him of someone had dealt with in the pass. But he couldn’t put a finger on it not yet at less. The boy was here and he wanted to know what it was he wanted to see him about.

“The only reason why I had not keep my workers from kicker you ass out of my restaurant is because they told me you wanted to talk to me about something argent.” He told the boy, “So what is it?”

The boy bush his hand swiftly on the table he fold them together and give the don his full attention.

My Lord my family had told me you are a man that derives the out most respect and should be speaking to with the outmost respect. The said in a low yet somber tone of a 30year old man.

The Don give a half hatred smile before speaking, “Do I know them? What are their name?

“The Name is Coppila.” Said the boy. You don’t know them but they see you around and knows not to get in your way when you are doing business.”

“Hum,” the Don said while looking coldly at the boy who simply looked back at him.

But that not the reason why I had come to see you.” Said the boy, I came as a repressive to a community that owe you a dept.

He went for his pocket yet before he had a change to pull out the idem three man came from out of nowhere, lifted him up from the chair and slam him on the wall with one of them holding pointed a knife directly at his belly button. The oy could felt the tip of the knife on his skin and know the man who had a murderous look on his pale face was only second away from impaling him with it; ending his life in the possess.

“Wait! Just hold him,” shouted the Don. “Tony is the door lock!”

“Lock tight!” Tony shouted back.

Good make sure all of the window are shut.” The Don said while looking coldly at the boy who to his surprise and even to the surprise of his men did not shown a trace of fear in him. He just give them all a look of a person without a soul.

“That was stupid of you.” The Don told the boy. My men was train to kill anyone who make sudden movement that could be consider a threat to me. In fact have I had not told them not to stop my employees would have been cleaning your blood right not.”

“So why you told them to stop?” The boy ask the Don coldly

“Don’t be smart you little shit,” the Don told the boy rater angrily, “ if it wasn’t for the fact I had seen the envelope in your pocket and the fact that it was that you was reaching for it, I would have let them kill you and toss you usless body in the street to let other know not to cross me. In fact I might still do that.” He said this while getting into the boy face as one of his mephic to inflict fear toward other.

But the boy did show any fear to the point that the Don felt a bit uncomfible being close to him.

No tears, he not even trembling. Why?

“Let see what you have here?”

The Don took the envelope before heading toward the bar. Yet once he got there and saw the content he give a quick glad of shock at the boy before looking back at the content.

“What is this?” The Don said while looking at the boy who was still being held by his men. What is this this bout to me.”

“You money,” said the boy directly, it from all of the people who had came into dept. with you and wanted to start paying up. All of the people names are in that list you have in your hand. Mine you it not all of the money lot of people who are in your dept. had falling under hard time but it is something intend of nothing.”

The Don at all of the name that was on the list but instead of being happy a bust of anger could be seen all his face as he throw the envelopes on the floor and buried his face on the stcoll.

“Throw fuckers!” He shouted angrily in Italian. Throws no good in great not worth the spit to shine my shows fuckers.”

In bust of rag he start throwing anything he could get his hands on the wall and on the floor. When he stop, he took a deep breath before looking at the boy in a rather calmer expression.

“I give these in great a service. They take my money to deal with their problems give them protection form other who wise to do them harm and what do I get in return; a death contract on my head, hoods breaking in my house and steeling what is mine, ad executives as to why they cannot pad me in time. Now instead of coming to me like a man that send this arraign boy to send they massage. The money is not even half of what they owned me.

“With all do respect I chose to give you the money own to you. Also time are hard people need to eat. People need to put roof on there heads. It hard as you can understand.

“No I don’t need to understand.” Said the Don to the boy, “this is business and they know how I conduct business. Let alone how I deal with people when they get in the way of my business.

He give the boy one last look throw before he told his man to let him go. He then told the boy to sit back down. Before telling the bartender to make some hot coco form there little gust before both he and the boy sat back down.

“So, the Don said in a cold but clam tone, “They sent you, the airing boy.”

“I chose to come,” the boy said while looking at the Don strait in the eye. “I wanted to meet you they say you are the king of the neighborhood and that you have many rings. They also so said you are the most fared person in town and so I was curious to see if all of it was true.

“You believe in throw stories?”

“Most of them,” said the boy, “I don’t think you are the type to keep a lion in your apartment.

The Don give a roaring laugh to the point where he began to couch as he nail over slightly to the side just catch his breath.

“That might had been helpful in some spots”. He said with a smile. “But no I do not own a lion. I hope you not too disappointed.”

“No,” the boy responds, like I said I did not believe that you had. But what the other stories? About how you got angry at local butcher for not giving you fresh meat and in turn cut both his arm and legs, and tong. Or how you let a man watch his as you let your man bet up on his wife and mother. Are throws stories?”

“Hum,” said the Don only now his facial expression was more stein than pleasant. “You hear a lot about me. Some true, some mad up. Shit I would not be surprise if the stories is more believable than the fact.” He said this while looking at some of his man who was still standing in back of the boy. Even thought he could not see them he knew that one of them had his hand grip on some kind of weapon, ready to kill him the moment the Don give him the word.

“I will tell you this, kid. I am only as mean as the people who is in debt to me allows me to be. If you pay your dues and stay in line and show me the respect I had ask for then you will have no problem with me. In fact if you really asked most people would tell you that I am a nice guy who had done a great service to the committee. Yes I can be a little rough. But in the line of work I provide you have to be rough or else other would think you’re a fucking push over and would tried to move in your business. Or in some cases tried to skip out or paying their fee for the servicing I provided. But surly you parents must have told you that.”

“My Parents told me to stay the fuck a way for you,”

“Really and why is that,”

“They say you’re bad man and no good could come by being with you.”

The Don give the boy a hard look over before speaking, what is your parents name?”

“Mozzellies.” He said coldly. “You don’t know them but they know you.”

“Hum, I see yet you came to me.”

“Well it like I said I came on some of the behalf and I wanted to meet you face to face.”

“Impressive, said the Don, “but I must said you have been use in a way you do not understand. And that alone I should change interest. However I do respect you coming to see me. It show you have guts. Lot of it.” The Don said this while the bartender had place a mug full of hot coco in fort of the boy.

“Place drink up,” the Don told the boy who was stating to take an entries in the child. “Take you time. Don’t rush. Tell me kid do my job interest you,”

The boy look at him hard. “Why you ask?”

The Don laugh. “I mean do you see yourself in this line of business.”

The boy sag is shoulder. “My parent would never aloow me to work with you.

“Hum well you leave that to me.” The Don told the by in a rather cold tone.

After giving the boy some money sending him on his way some of the Don’s men had inform him that it was not a good idea to let the boy go without ruffing him up or giving some kind of warring let to cross him. Hover he explain that a kind like that could be useful and that he shown more hart that most of his men combine yet within the coming moment Don Lisandro will begain to take walk down the street of death.

By Jockerlee 77

Based On Park Slope Creator

JockerLee 77 & T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III

2015 Manic

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