Fic Or Original: Fic

Fandom(s): Animorphs and The Avengers

Rating: T (as according to ffnet)

Characters In Chapter: Tobias, Pepper Potts, and Tony Stark

Relationships: Tobias/Rachel Berenson (talked about, not shown)

“So…” I said after I had told Pepper my story.

“It is odd, but you date Tony and…you run into some strange things.” She said with a small smile.

I knew she didn’t just mean the odd things Tony did, but the fact that he was an Avenger. That wouldn’t make dating him the most normal of things. Not that I could talk, my relationship with Rachel was odd to say the least. I was trapped in a hawk’s body and only able to be human for two hours at a time.

“Yeah, I heard.” I told her.

“You watched the movies?” Pepper asked, still not able to believe what I had told her.

“Yeah, but not as much as the others. I spend most of my time as a hawk so…”

“Doesn’t give you much time to binge watch Avengers movies.”

“I…hope you’re not insulted by that.”

“I’m the CEO of a company, I know that sometimes you can’t watch some of the popular things out today.”

Being a hawk and being a CEO. Whoever knew that there was a connection between the two? Of course Marco would’ve said something to Pepper’s comment but I couldn’t think up anything witty to say. Of course, neither could he.

“Well, you can demorph now until Tony comes.” Pepper said and turned away as I demorphed.

I understood about her not wanting to watch as I demorphed. Only Estreens like Cassie could make morphing look half-way appealing. Being another animal was awesome, but turning into one was another matter.

I concentrated on my hawk morph and the first thing to happen was my eyesight changing. I sighed in relief as the world quickly became as clear as it should. I then shrank to red-tailed hawk size before other changes started happening.

For a moment I felt a twinge of jealousy about Pepper being able to look away. The morph was going along much…odder than normal. Yeah, usually it was creepy but this time it was super creepy. Feathers were appearing from my skin and hairs turning into feathers. I felt my mouth and my beak was formed but it still was made of human skin.

I closed my eyes and just concentrated on finishing the morph. If I focused on anything else I would be stuck like this. After the morph I opened my eyes and let out a long sigh. I spread my wings and, as was usual, felt more at home in my hawk body than my human one.

Being a hawk most of the time made me realize how weak humans really were. If it weren’t for our brains, we would’ve died out a long time ago.

I jumped up and flapped my wings so that I could land on the top of Pepper’s car. I preened myself out of nervousness and Pepper remained quiet. I guess she was saving all her energy to talk to Tony. And talking to Tony…it would probably rank up there with talking to Marco.

I see him. I told Pepper and she just nodded.

I watched him driving up towards us, theories that he had to always drive himself due to his parents’ death coming to my mind, and had to stop myself from preening. Not because he was cute, but because now things would really start to get complicated.

How would this encounter go? For better or worse? Would he let me in or would he throw me out? I had to remind myself that Pepper didn’t mind me and she had a leash on Tony. One of the few people that did.

“Pepper,” Tony said when he got out and looked up at me. “He seems to like you.”

Of course he wouldn’t know that I wasn’t an ordinary, or one could argue a real, hawk. Pepper hadn’t told him that and I doubt he would guess that on his own.

“This is the boy I was talking to you about,” Pepper said, looking at me. “His name is Tobias Fangor and he has a story to tell.”

Tony just looked from Pepper to me as if he expected some big joke. He must have really loved Pepper not to have a comeback ready.

I am Tobias Fangor. I told him and he took a step back.

Tony stepped back and looked at me. He was shocked, that I could easily tell. His face went through a few different phases as I told him about who I was and how I had arrived here. Luckily he only threw a few jokes at me as I told him about the Yeerks and about how I, along with my friends, were fighting off an alien invasion.

“At least us Avengers were adults and…somewhat prepared.” Tony said at one point. “You are…kids. You shouldn’t have to fight.”

But we’re the only ones who know the truth. I replied. It would be wrong not to fight.

When I finished telling my story I was nervous. Besides giving me a safe place to stay, Tony could offer me a way to get back. Without his help…I probably would never get back home. I’d never be able to see Rachel again. I’d have to hope that my friends would win the war and that humanity didn’t become just another race of slaves for the Yeerks.

Tony looked at me for a long time and I didn’t blame him. It was a lot for someone to take in.

“I’ll let you stay.” Tony said. “But you won’t be going on any missions. S.H.I.E.L.D. has fallen and so the Avengers club is up and running. We go where we’re needed. I know you’ve fought before, I believe you, but I’m not going to watch you die on our account. Not before you can get back home.”

I understand. I said. I need to finish hunting before I go to the Avengers Tower.

Tony nodded and I took off.

I thought of how insulted Rachel would be for not being allowed to fight, but I was okay. I didn’t need any more mental scars. I would get enough when I returned home.

Focusing on hunting, I hoped I could actually catch something this time.


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