From works of these two,
seeing them apart was such a rare,
in a pleasant one,
as they work well together,
than alone.

oh surprise,
two of different sides of the coin,
work as a whole,
trying to get across,
one passion,
one enjoyment.

That Wrestling Guy shows a much tougher and boastful look,
while Ota-kun takes the softer and logic,
in most cases,
yet they’ll switch,
and the change of pace is never off,
and always welcome.

While in cases of their passions,
range from games to drinks to whatever pops up in mind for the media.

At times they came in strong,
giving details after another,
which can be fun,
while luckily be commonsense.

The two are able to stand alone,
the critic duo is greatly missed after a few solo tires.

For the moment now,
they are quiet,
busy with things,
reasonable enough,
when they come back,
it would earning back a lost relic,
from a long ago temple mission.

Unsure of now,
on what else to say,
they were fun,
they loved doing what they did,
and always had a good laugh while doing so.

Hoping they come back,
is about all one can do,
in the work that has last,
well earned the glance.

Have a free chance,
take a look,
and enjoy.




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