Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney. And today, we continue our Summer Blowout as The Flynn-Fltetcher family heads to Hawaii.   With that out of the way, let’s begin.

The Plot

 This is actually a two parter. in one and it was mainly set in Hawaii to celebrate their 100th episode.  And seeing  as is the case, I’ll be breaking this down into Pt. I & Pt. II.   With that out of the way, let’s begin.
Pt. I
The family arrives in Hawaii and they’re all looking forward to different things.   Lawrence and Linda are looking forward to a surfing contest,   Candace plans on taking a break from busting the boys.  And we find out later that the main reason that the family headed to Hawaii is because of   Doof.   Yep, Perry has some business with him there.
Observe, how Perry convinced his family to take a trip  to Hawaii.  And meanwhile at the hotel’s gift shop,  Candace buys some pineapple serenity lotion and the boys get  a  box  Aquatic Primates.  And this is where the plot really gets  into  motion.  Meanwhile,  Perry flies off  to the island,  where Doof is staying.  Pink Unicorn Island.  Skull Island was already booked up.
And while there, Doof explains his plan to use his  De-Evolution-Inotar on the Tristate Area but had to come to Hawaii to get the ooze from a volcano to make it work.  Meanwhile at the pool, Candace is relaxing, while the boys are  watching their A Primes are coming to life, they are still too small and that they can only do one trick.   So, they decide to take them to the pool to see if they can make them bigger.  And it works as they do get bigger and we get some sequences with them.

And this is where things really pick up as The A Primes run a muck of  the hotel and hotel manager takes the role that is normally Candace’s as he tries to catch the boys.  And the chase is just a blast  to watch.

And I love how the fight between Doof and Perry that ends up turning him into the smallest living single cell ends up turning the A Primes into humans.
All in all, I loved Pt. 1 of Hawaiian Vacation.
Pt. II
Pt. II can be summed up  with one sentence. Candace believes that she is cursed with bad luck after finding a tiki necklace.  And meanwhile underwater, Single- Cell Doof  is wondering who knew that his device would backfire on him.   And meanwhile the boys are going to try some aquatic adventures.
And well, Doof is turned back into a human and  his subplot becomes a parody of Cast Away.   And as for Candace,  there isn’t much more to say then that she thinks that she has bad luck and it is coming from the tiki and it has to throw it into a volcano and destroy it but  it turns out that it’s a beeper for a restaurant.   There isn’t anything else to say on Pt. II without giving too much away.   It’s fun.
Main Characters
Phineas & Ferb voiced by  Vincent Martella &  Thomas Sangster
The boys were still the same enjoyable boys that they’ve always been. Just in a different location and they truly shined in Pt. I of the special
Candace voiced by Ashley Tisdale
It’s interesting but going through and re-watching these episodes has made Candace much more likable to me.  And Pt. II of Hawaiian Vacation is a great example of how likable Candace can be.   Her suffering is done in a way that when she gets hurt, you feel bad for her but at the same time, never feel bad fro laughing at her because of how over-the-top, it all is.
Supporting Characters
Perry/Agent P  voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
This isn’t much to say about Perry other than he continues being awesome in this special and his spats with Doof are a blast.
Prime Calypso
This song is just a lot of fun and shows off the A Primes in a fun manner.  It’s just so catchy.   And one I can listen to again and again.  There really isn’t much more to say about this song than that.
Bad Luck
While this song is a bit shorter,  I find it a bit catchier.  Just something about the tune and this is a prime example of what I mean about being able to laugh at Candace’s bad luck.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz voiced by Dan Povenmire

Doof  is at his fullest of being really funny here.   Again, just like the boys,  new location but same old Doof and  that worked so well. And you’ll see that as a recurring theme through Summer Blowout.  And this episode once again highlights how funny, his interactions with Perry are.
My Final Thoughts
This episode is a lot of fun and one that I’m happy that I went back and watched.  It feels like a regular episode of the series, just with the location changed.  And that worked.   Join me next time as we look at Summer Belongs To You.

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