Sometimes certain things are easy to over glance,
without knowing what the troubles of it,
slowly and haunting follow behind,
just like so,
there is really no harsh words to be said,
it almost feels normal,
after so many years gone by,
and it still happens,
they’ll know that they forgot,
and they’ll come back,
just an hour wait as most,
if not,
the bus stop is only a few blocks away,
they don’t mean it,
their busy,
even on a day like this,
anger should be the right way to handle this,
maybe at the first few times,
the spiteful words are the strongest,
but now,
after so long,
just wanting to go home,
before the night gets too cold,
if rains starts to fall,
best to try to get home,
if they go back and finding what is missing,
is still gone,
they’ll panic,
freak out on ways to handle themselves,
and soon come home,
being angry to find what they were looking for,
was already home,
thinking it was just a bad prank of a game,
let them think it,
let them think there is only one bad apple,
it saves trouble of proving things wrong,
and there is work to be done,
it can be worried about later,
but now,
let them yell,
because even they yell,
forget who could be at fault,
they remember long enough to know,
something is wrong,
and address it,
they just don’t know how,
and the funny and worst part is,
it is like the domino fall,
what happen in the past,
comes to the now,
and the future it will repeat,
maybe in different words and worry,
but the anger to know,
that something went wrong,
will never come to full light,
until knowing what the problem is,
the real problem is anyway,
and sadly,
that isn’t come close to thing now,
and to that,
waiting is a crime,
but also a thoughtful way,
to think things through,
before taking the next step,
even if,
everyone is unsure of it.




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