Note:This article was written 10 December 2014 around the time of the 20th Anniversary of the playstation console. It’s also the last article I wrote for on the GruntWatcher Archives.
So I found out that the PlayStation is now 20 years old this year to commemorate this occasion I’ve decided to share my experiences with all four consoles. So let’s go down memory lane and see what were the high points and low points of the PlayStation’s life cycle.

It’s the late 90’s I’m down at my grandparents with my older brother. Upstairs is my uncle in his bedroom surrounded by western posters and issues of 2000ad. Me and my brother go up and see what all the commotion is up there when I first enter the room I notice two things; The Outlaw of Josey Wales poster above his bed and a grey box connected to the TV. To be fair the PlayStation wasn’t the first console I played on (a Sega Mega Drive was the first) so video games were nothing new to me, however this was the first time I saw them. Nowadays when you look at an average PlayStation game you would think to yourself “god these graphics look terrible” and ya your right on that but back then no one had seen anything like this. So me and my brother would watch my uncle play on this thing for hours until our parents picked us up in the evening. He would play stuff like Resident Evil, Worms, Medal of Honor, Road Rash: Jailbreak and Hogs of War. He would let me and my brother play worms, road rash and hogs at war with him or against each other. We eventually got our own PlayStation (PSone model) and would rent games for it and get a lend from some off our uncle.
PlayStation 2
So jump to 2003 around Christmas time we got the PlayStation 2 with Medal of Honor: Rising Sun and my own game Yugioh: Duelists of the Roses (which sucked ass). We grew our library with stuff like XIII, Worms4: Mayhem, Jak 2, Ratchet and Clank 1&2, Peter Jackson’s: King Kong etc. My dad would play on the PS2 however he would only play the Medal of Honor games (he was fond of playing frontline A LOT).Now I know what you’re thinking “What about the Grand Theft Auto games?” Alright here’s the scenario: you’re an 8 year old kid, GTA 3 just came out, and your parents won’t let you play it since it’s for adults only so what do your do? Go to your friend’s house to play it. Kids around the school would brag out completing it due to the fact that they had older brothers in their 20’s who could buy it. I was only limited to stuff like Jak 2 which plays like GTA without the sex, violence and drugs that GTA was known for. Around 2006 our PS2 broke due to the disk tray so we had to get a new one which was the slim model(IMO I prefer this model better) along with canis canem edit and a lend of God of War2 from my uncle(his PS2 library was fucking huge). Buying games for the system was a challenge due to the fact that as a kid getting €50 was hard so you had no choice but to trade in games in order to get the newest one out. One popular genre for the PS2 in our school was racing games so stuff like Need for Speed and Burnout were popular franchises in the day. Personally I was more of a fan of games like Burnout 3 and Midnight Club 3 since they were made by top notch developers (Criterion Games and Rockstar Games). In the twilight years of the console I was starting to get into First Person Shooters so I would play stuff like Black, Brothers in Arms and Battlefield 2 Modern Combat so they got all the attention rather than other genre. Finally me and my brothers wouldn’t really take care of the games at all so they would have scratch marks and dust all because we left them on top of the console and the cases would be scattered.
PlayStation 3
I first heard of the PS3 on an issue of PSW magazine on one of their DVD’s where they had coverage of a tech demo an unveiling of the prototype. I was impressed to say the least so I was hyped for the release of the console but then the price was announced which scared everyone away from it. At first I bought a Wii but as I going into first year in secondary school I realized that the Wii didn’t really have a lot to offer in terms of adult games and graphics. So when I was fourteen I got an Xbox 360 with halo legendary edition (it was part of the bundle). Around 2010 my older brother was doing his leaving cert and decided to buy a PS3 since he didn’t like the 360. So he got a PS3 slim with God of War 3. I spent a whole day in the dark trying to complete GOW3 which I eventually did and got a bad ending. I was more into the 360 than the PS3 so when it came to games for the system I bought little to none of them. I like the PS Store since it had some games I recognized from the past so I bought them for the nostalgia factor.  
PlayStation 4
I’m going to be frank my older brother just got PS4 and I haven’t even touched it at all (even though GTA 5 came with it) not to sound like a PC fanboy but I’m just spoiled with the likes of steam.


So that’s my memories of the PlayStation consoles thanks for reading and here’s to another 20 years of the PlayStation console *raises pint* to the PlayStation.

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