let me get right into it. first, happy father’s day to all the responsible fathers out there who go the extra mile for their love ones;  those who work two jobs in order to put food on the table.  Happy father’s day 2 James, Les and all the fathers who post here on Manic Expression.  Yes, Happy father’s day.  This blog is not for you.

This Blog is made for those men who have 12 kids with four or five women before they reach the age of 30.  They do not have a job to support themselves, let along the children they have made; men who run away from their responsibilities in raising their first child-yet would go out there and have sex with no protection and have yet another child knowing full well they can’t even take care of the first one.  This is for you, and I got a clear message for you. GROW UP.

There are too many children out there who are growing up without a father, and that is simply unacceptable.  Yes, there are many reasons for this, but not one of these reasons can be justified.  I was in jail-okay why and what are your plans once you get out?  Will you look for work, or will you go back to your old ways knowing it will lead you back in jail(only this time it will be a longer stay-maybe a permeant one).  Are saying you are trying but do not make enough money to support both you and your child? Fine, but why are you going out there making more babies?  Do you think not using condom for sex is more important to you than critical thinking?  Come on you already know you can’t afford the first child.  Why do you have to risk making another?

Look, all ranting aside, more and more Boys (yea Boys) are out there are leaving mothers without a father’s strong support(and it is hurting your youth in more way than one).  The impact can be felt all across the board, and it need to stop.  Your child needs all the support from both you and their mothers.  They need to know that they are loved.  In short, you boys need to become men, and as men, you need to step up and be responsible for the sake of your family.  Do I look for a pat in the back?  A real father doesn’t look for that.  Your actions speak for themselves. Be a man.  Be a Dad  Be responsible.  Too many kids are growing up with an impression that woman are nothing more than a piece of meat.  This shows little or no respect for their elders.  Part of that is they pick up from people they are surrounded by, or in some cases, not sorrounded by. You need to understand; no must understand that most of your children learn a lot just by your actions alone to the point they believe that it is okay to call woman bitches, and to do drugs or take from another.  You cant say you don’t want your kid to do what you are doing while you are still doing it.  It doesn’t work that way. Like I said, they learn from your actions.  If you are still doing the same stupid things, the more likely your child will follow your footsteps wether you want them to or not.

Key world: Roll-model.  We do not have enough responsible Fathers-especially with the black community-and that needs to change and now.  That is my opinion what is yours? Express yourselves.

By Jockerlee 77

2015 Manic Expression.com

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