Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and it’s time for another retrospective.  And the theme, this time is Phineas and Ferb.  This week, Disney Channel will air the final episode of this great show.  And I’ve decided to celebrate it by taking a look at a handful of episodes.  Most of them are specials such as their Marvel and Star Wars specials but we are going back to the beginning today by taking a look at the very first episode.   Join me as we take a look at Rollercoaster.

Episode Title


It doesn’t tell you too much about about the episode.  All you need to know that this episode involves a rollercoaster.

The Plot

Man, I forgot what a great pilot, this was. It introduces the characters in a quick fashion and explains the premise of the show pretty easily.   Phineas is bored and will not stand for summer boredom  as we see them sitting under a tree in their backyard  Phineas  realizes that’ll be back in school soon and when they are asked, what they did over summer vacation,  he doesn’t want to say nothing.   Summer should be exciting like a roller coaster.   And not like the lame one like they went on at the state fair and that is when we get our first taste of the now famous line.

Man, that was lame. If I had a rollercoaster I would– That’s it! I know what we’re gonna do today!

The “I Know what we’re gonna do today!”  line would go on to become one of the show’s  most famous recurring lines.

And this is also when they establish Candace’s need to be charged and her drive to bust her brothers.  Even though, her mom doesn’t think that anyone needs to be in charge.    But  Candace is in charge… conditionally.   Her brothers have started work on their homework as they tell their sister. She doesn’t understand why they would have homework but they are actually drafting up plans for their roller coaster.
Candace is on the phone talking to her friend, Stacy while the boys are busy building their attraction. She finally catches wind and says that they are going down.
Candace runs off to find their mom as Isabella, the girl with the biggest crush on Phineas shows up. But she pays no mind to the young girl.
And this is when we get another famous line that would go on to become recurring.

What’cha doin’?

We also get our first taste of the craziness that is Agent P,  and his battles with the evil Dr. Doof.  (I am not even going to try and spell out his whole name). Perry, the boy’s pet is actually a secret agent protecting the Tri-State Area.

Meanwhile,  Candace finds their mom at the grocery store and she tries to point out to her mom that her brothers are building a roller coaster but it’s to no avail as every piece of evidence disappears. Something that would also become a recurring theme throughout the show.  The evil Dr. D informs Perry that he plans to move the Eastern Seaboard by using a magnet device.    He’s covered all of the Eastern seaboard in tin foil.    And a long fight ensues between the two.   Back at the house,  Phineas unveils the coolest coaster ever that was most of the morning in the making.

And as they get on, we see how intense and crazy, this coaster is.

And it even loops around Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.   Inside, Doof is rambling about how much his evil scheme cost him.   He turns on his magnet device but it didn’t move the Eastern Seaboard. Just the tin foil, oops.    Candace, meanwhile at the grocery store hears the coaster going by and wants her mom to see it but it moves by too fast.   Meanwhile, Agent P is trying to help Doof move the magnet that he was using and attaches it to a helicopter.  Which happens to pick up the coaster.

And this is after we see the coaster do a tour including going to Paris and Mt. Rushmore.   And then, they are finally flung into space.

Candace and her mom get back, just as the kids arrive but just like in other episodes as this would be one of the central themes,  everything had disappeared.   This episode was a lot of fun and just a blast and it was a great joy to go back to this first episode of the series.


Main Characters

Phineas voiced by   Vincent Martella

While Phineas is my favorite character.  If I’m to be honest, I didn’t like him that much in this first episode and it comes down to how he was voiced here.  Clearly,  Martella changed the way he voiced Phineas from the pilot to the next episode as it here just grated on me a bit.

Ferb voiced by Thomas Sangster

Ferb is the quiet type but that serves his character well and he is a lot of fun.

Candace voiced by Ashley Tisdale

I remember, when I first watched this show I HATED Candace and could not stand her but actually going back as an adult and re-watching the pilot, I liked her. A lot.  I still found her somewhat annoying but I now feel  a little bad for putting her on my list of most annoying Disney characters.

Supporting Characters

Perry/Agent P voiced by  Dee Bradley Baker

Perry is just all kinds of awesome and there’s a reason why, he was the breakout star of this show.  His interactions with Doof are hilarious and contrast so much with the rest of the episodes, they feel so funny.  It’s just so much fun.   And such a blast.

Dr.   Heniz  Doofenshmirtz voiced by Dan Povenmire

Doof,while having a lot to do in this episode was just okay.  It really felt like a side story as I was more invested in the main story about the boys building the roller coaster.

My Final Thoughts

Even with the minor complaints, I have with this episode. It was a great start to a great series and I was happy to go back and re-watch it.    Join me next as I take a look at…

Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation


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