Almost through it all,
stay awake,
with eyes so wide,
they shock of death,
so weak to even blink,
commanding the body to will tasks,
that it hurts now,
but it has to be done,
it has to get done,
for no other can do it,
they say they can,
but do they ever really mean it,
in having something done,
you have to do it yourself,
for there is a vision of how it looks,
so fine,
so balance,
unlike those who think they can do it,
wanting to stop,
is just not a choice,
not after getting this far,
the goal is almost reached,
so close,
so near,
no one can take away,
unless blinking and gone,
got to reach the goal,
got to reach it,
sight so blurrily,
when the last chance of understanding others,
to have faith in them,
that you don’t need to bear something alone,
where did those people go,
the answer to it,
can only be that pushing them away,
brought this forth,
yet there is no care for it,
this is one’s goal,
and only one can have it,
rest be damn,
for we are so close,
everything can wait,
this is the now,
the only friend now,
to push onward,
got to keep going,
just move,
bite your tongue if you think of stopping,
not today,
almost there,
just a little,
just a little more,
my body is going to crash,
so easily now,
but that goal,
inches away,
can’t stop,
almost there,
the silent screams are only a weakness,
keep going,
it’s almost over,
so close.




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