You can’t always win,
finish ever fight with no battle scars,
there is no running from this,
even if you win,
you always lose in some form.

So don’t be a coward,
in thinking you are going to lose,
don’t be like me,
who has no more will to fight,
who has taken the last punch,
and is not coming back up.

I always knew that timer was going to fail on me,
but sadly knowing when,
just kept the blood flow pumping harder,
to the point,
I was choking on thin air.

Always fighting for others,
standing in places,
I had no right to be in,
yet I took the hits,
like it was my fault.

Nowhere close of finding that noose,
because there was no point in it,
in being a quitter that is.

I’m going to lose,
for other reason than,
that I could fight for anyone,
yet I choose to fight for myself.

I find myself lack of reason to here,
I could someone’s shield,
their getaway from hell,
A sword to strike back,
a voice that would shout their whispers,
I could be everything for them,
but I forget myself along the way.

that word many would say makes a fine human,
or an easy target.

They go hand in hand,
and I choose not to over glance that.

also means two other words,
being very brave,
but also very stupid.

Another battle that has no real name of victory.

All more of a reason,
that I am going to lose this fight,
blinded that the world is a sea of colors,
and a buzz of sound.

Copper baths the tongue,
to silent the screams,
as arms might swing wildly,
and feet stay sturdy to the ground,
hope the ground stays there.

I’m going to lose,
so badly,
in a fight that isn’t mine,
but I just gave up carrying.

I’m going to lose,
I’m going to lose,
I’m going to fade . . .

And I just don’t care,
not anymore.

So hit me,
with your best shot,
because I loss the sense to care.

I’m going to lose,
and I am smiling,
what is wrong with me?




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