Hello and welcome to another out of the norm blog, something not overly very special for this one, but with it being the 666th blog, I wanted to something for it than just being another poem or story of anything like that. With some work with the numbers, this is going to be a top list, and theme of choice is the top reasons and thanks that kept me to always want to come back to Manic Expression, in other words, I guess it would be called highlights, seeing as I spent a good amount of months here to whoever is counting, so sure why not finally make a post that was in the long run, of being made and post it, before bad things happen.


With that, having this with no real order and having the numbers to keep track, let’s do this . . .





Number 36: Jim Bevan’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/sly-cooper-thieves-in-time-a-historic-return-for-the-king-of-thieves/

Between monsters and games, the classic of childhood memories wins over monster sightings of old fables. But not by much, until Jim did a grand job on what at the time was a ground breaking game, which was full of story, characters, awesome game play that had alluring force of being replayed again and again. Also long forgotten, until getting this fine reminder that awesome games can be made, it just takes time to do right, even if there are hiccups in it, doesn’t overall take away a faction of fun.




Number 35: timmer’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/half-the-battle-81-flints-vacation/

Finding a person who is very die hard for one thing, and able to expand on it, works wonders when seeing the work of timmer coming around. Sure, not everything is a win, nothing is, but timmer had always found some enjoyment of something, even if it can be a little off putting. That’s a large risk to take, even if minor compare to others, but still makes it a smooth listen from start to end. The choice of topic may not be on a top list of a small scale, but it shows it range enough, to always keep going back for more. Just to see what next topic of action figures could be.




Number 34:  Moviefan12’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/a-look-at-disneys-haunting-shorts-showcase-the-skeleton-dance-85th-annivesary/

Thanks for remembering even the oldies of the Magical Place on Earth, for even the short that was wrote about, it was a good read and knowing that anything that Disney can do, will likely stand against the passing of Time. It was filled with passion, reason, insight, and backbone, Moviefan12, is just a strong person despite the dumb things you have to deal with, on and off the web, and always to pull awesome stuff like this, is quite worth it to always come to, even if the gushing focuses more on a certain blonde with a firing pan that lives in a tower. Though got to enjoy the gushing, through it all, so again thanks!




Number 33: Les’s Blog: https://www.manic-expression.com/the-last-50-in-the-trilogy-of-great-things-in-science-fictionby-les/

To be able to not only do it once, not twice, but able to get a third blog of just pure out in the outer space, Geekness Code at the most rawest and able to stay by their word, thanks Les. Even if you do music, the science fiction won me over with, and the fact at times you have nothing really to keep one thing, so a new blog of a new topic, is always welcome. Another thing to enjoy, but when it comes to what the normal has yet to handle, makes it all significance reads of awesomeness the best there is. Thanks for being a blogger, thus being awesome, keep it up and rock on being a friend through the ages.




Number 32: Pretty Boy’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/in-too-deep-what-if-sherlock-holmes-was-never-created/

Pretty Boy is better at getting very deep with topics, often too deep, and would likely leave most or just me speechless on how to respond back. Even to just have a wild thought or two on the “what if’s” of things of basic fandom’s no less, that at most people would just enjoy and never question anything of it, it was gone. Out of many blogs, lots even before the move, once or so touched on this subject, but by far the strongest one and one a little close to the heart for me, really made it always looking forward to what else, could be looked too deeply in and still be able, to reach out if someone disagrees and willing to listen after all the hard is said and done. Now that is a blogger who knows how to invite the readers, without force.




Number 31: James’s Video: https://www.manic-expression.com/manic-expression-500-the-last-stand/

Okay, going to be honest that this is a default choice, but since the move not everything was saved, so the choice I had for James wasn’t there on his solo work for his Stop the Hate blogs, but the choice of giving up, was far the option, which made the second follow up pick that easy. So on the default is to work on his teamwork, in dealing with everyone on ME, to where he relies on others, when we try to pull through, in helping making a . . . very much to put it simple, a stable video in saying we are a website that is not going anywhere, any time soon. We have a proud leader, have some cheers for him, even for those who couldn’t do it, make a notice of that. That is all.




Number 30: richb’s blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/random-thoughts-why-i-love-re-runs/

One of the few common themes that might be seen in this blog might be the common interest in certain things. What I never thought was to find a blog aiming on a small thing some find bothering to some extent. Yet to also, give enough detail and touching upon some the impact it gave, more than gives enough to always back and looking back what the 80’s and 90’s had to offer, while most of the world wants to keep moving forward, richb made it the best to look back and smile, even if at times it could have been crap, good crap too, it is far better than most shows now.




Number 29: Pbmiranda’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/old-school-lanes-top-10-saddest-nickelodeon-moments/

Pbmiranda made quite a move on very saying that every kind of show has a sad moment, not just basic mindsets. The one thing to enjoy from this read is just how really, honest this goes, some moments even feel that the writer themselves was teary a bit from going through this, which was all welcoming, and a great reminder that Nickelodeon had its moments, even now had fade to way side, with some saving grace, but right now it couldn’t be enough. Yet as Pbmiranda keeps going on how the strong sense that Nickelodeon will have a wakeup call and be able to surpass all the crap it has gone through, then there is a chance, and no one showed it any stronger than Pbmiranda, and that makes it all more grand to keep seeing the growth of Nick and Pbmiranda’s insight as another new slip comes by.




Number 28: CarJunkie’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/auto-countdown-cars-that-need-a-comeback/

Cars are awesome; the history of them and what changes they went is awesome. What else is there to say? Well, in wondering of that, CarJunkie sure knows on stopping the confusion on that. It was very hard on picking what one blog stood out, as the little grease monkey inside couldn’t decide, at the end of it all, found it hard to choose one. An auto countdown was the default choice, with very growing up around cars; it was always a nice nostalgic read at times, when CarJunkie hit it home when looking back on the classic cars, and when seeing he did a list on cars that need to make a comeback, agreement was made there, and to that, always it made it worth the read in future blogs after.




Number 27: DisneyOtoko’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/the-mouse-house-top-13-final-fantasy-weapons-old-post/

It is always good to get a wider view of things, because with Moviefan12 aimed for certain joys in the land of Disney, the other side of the coin with DisneyOtoko was like the Disney pub for more of the underground branches of Disney and made it work. Sure at times, it would seem their ways of doing things would clash, but it was a good clash. Even now with the expanding of what Disney is doing now, seeing how it can be handle, is a grand read when seeing it from DisneyOtoko’s view point, even when the viewpoints go a little farther than others. Keep in mind, for it was from a game that would not be found on certain shelves, but for the most part, it is just flawless work, more so again on even the smaller details.




Number 26: Some Jerk from Boston’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/the-lost-articles-rubber/

Anger at times can really drive a person, more or less to get plaster, taking in mind of the media of choice and how much of a pain it was to get through. Though, it is more of a rare moment of seeing someone do it, and at it less of a bore than it was meaning to be. Between the vocal and written preference, just this once for Some Jerk from Boston stole it, with the power written work, no doubt later got plaster to forget that this thing was ever written. Nothing against that, it was a sound read that in midpoint, felt like it belong in a critic magazine at times, a fine read with lots of hate. Sure there are calmer times, but comparing the emotion range, the happy end is more of a breather than anything else, before diving back into the crap. Takes a very broken mind to deal with the underbelly of bad films, keeping it always fun, and promises of more just pull one to always come back for more.




Number 25: Comic Strip Critic’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/the-punchline-zen-pencils/

Comics and comic strips were and likely still are the champion of loopholes into getting young minds to read. Yet, though all the videos that Comic Strip Critic did to get to this point, in finding a comic strip that broke a few more rules and still came up on top, is just amazing. By far from today’s and classics, his review and the feedback for this video tops most of what CTC has done so far. In the end, looking forward on what other little gem moments to bring up, meeting with the creators of the most beloved comic strips, and even giving a thought of when the strips meet film. For something so small, depth too, Comic Strip Critic made it worth that this little moment in the daily news paper or websites, made 2D characters memorable to a strong enjoyment.




Number 24: Madhog thy Master’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/darktime-stories-candle-cove-creepypasta-reading/

There is always a fun enjoyment when usernames live up to what is being brought forward. At most with the word Mad, does wonder on could be found in the aftermath of that, and knowing that entails troubles of venturing deeper in the darker side of subculture media, to even make it work, leads to the other part of the name Master. Taking a new spin on something very common the internet and still be able to be noticed outside of the crowd. Maybe finding something more fun, would have been a better pick, but the creepiness wins, and showing on far the anthology Madhog thy Master is willing to go, to have a voice heard.




Number 23: That Long-Haired Creepy Guy’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/creepy-chibi-cthulhus-cinematic-critique-the-road-to-el-dorado/

First on to say, this was another one that wasn’t the first alternative for That Long-Haired Creepy Guy, but this was a film that was enjoyable when young and still now, it was a fun watch on the tag-team there was with Creepy and Chibi, keeping a very nice flow of character, story, and jokes they came up with. Out most, this one was the most fun they pulled off with, reviewing level on a critic view, goes to another video that was easy to find, but this is a fine fall back and rethinking it now, would not change a thing.




Number 22: Decker Shado’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/sssssss-review-by-decker-shado/

One of many bad films Decker has reviewed, yet still, it was an interesting watch. Be it the film or how Decker going through the film in his review. He could say this isn’t one of best videos up-to-date, but a grand enough watch in seeing the changes of growth he has done from this film, to where he now. Enjoyable that even as time ticks away, something can still hold, and worth a watch. And also watching Decker trying not to have a face palm dent in his face, is always good for a laugh, it’s the simple things really.




Number 21: Lotus Prince’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/lotus-prince-next-game-reveal-3/

When it comes to game plays, there is much a difference between players to another, when they broadcast their take on a video game. Maybe there could be the loudness they have when having an epic fail and losing so much time on what got them there, and having to retrace their steps to get back. There is also the silent player that plays and ends the game when it is all said and done. Some might just rage quit. Then there is Lotus Prince who takes a calmer view of the game, finishes it from start to end, at times give some extra looks and have a buddy to tag along. In a solo play on a basic horror game, did it ever show more, that with the most simple controls, driven story, and character arches, Lotus Prince turned a game some would fine boring, into a game worth playing, along with having a new type of fear to go build with it, too! No one by far, could match his style of game play, and for that makes all the more to keep coming back for more, no matter the game, Lotus Prince is going to make worth a glance.




Number 20: BigBlackHatMan’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/historical-perspective-the-bombing-of-dresden/

Out of anything, the western reviews were the most fun, nothing else bring the elder and young closer than a good old western film. Yet, BigBlackHatMan took a turn onto finding something to expand his talents on, and it happen to a subject some would avoid like the plague. History, more so, on American History, now if anything else, this would be a bother, but really after a videos on seeing what BBHM could do, on taking the knowing of what everyone already knew, adding some of their insight, and giving it a view that isn’t one sided. It became a nice change, welcoming that History matters, it just needs to come off not so biases, and nothing showed it stronger in the video of choice. In later videos, it gets better, but this shown a much clear view, of what is to come, and very convivial by far.




Number 19: HedonisticActor’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/old-shames-energycore-of-power-23-25/

From the start of it, the old shame of anyone’s work brings one out at their most rawest form, showing of how time ticked away shaping from a young mind, into a much more, if close enough mature mind on how to be creative. HedonisticActor has a long way with the old shame, but chapter points of 23 to 25, were maybe were things were coming as a dawning point, and from after, there was slow growth, a wakeup call. Others would have that, giving up, and walking away. But from the read after this point, no it was an unsaid lesson, which stretched more than ever before. In short sight, some would say otherwise, but giving it a few rereads, it is easy to see, HedonisticActor found the right path, and still has fun with it, even now.




Number 18: James Sullivan’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/tud-sense-episode-3-war-on-anxiety-octodad-dadliest-catch/

One of many that became a very relatable episode of James Sullivan or Jimetud, depending on which name is given beforehand. Everyone has that moment of anxiety, at times it could be minor, or worst comes to worst takes a certain part of daily life completing and never easy to shake off. Comparing as well to a game, that if no one is a master of, raises the bar on anxiety on trying to make things work, not only for the player, but the character that is played, which despite the odd theme of it, also suffers from anxiety of being caught, and shun away by those they love. A little deep for that kind of game, yet the peak of evaluate is just so sound in this video, overlooking it is hard to miss it. Unknown to most, but a well made video, that spikes just enough curiosity to looking forward on what else could come along.




Number 17: RowdyCMoore’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/tv-trash-10-guilty-pleasures/

Another username that lives up to it, buzzing the ears after it is done, the price to pay when wearing headphones, so warning there for others who want to watch the works of RowdyCMoore. Luckily for the choice of video, is one of the more quiet ones, which are very much a list all can understand about having a guilty pleasure of, even the true meaning escapes the brain a little easy than most. It’s a nice change of pace from other works, Rowdy has done, but stays to the gimmick enough to know, it is still the same show most check into, when Rowdy posts. A nice new sideline review; that when it comes around, changes nothing of how this person reviews, but enough to know that the meaning of a one-trick pony, is not this person’s forte.




Number 16: New Members and the Come and Go Members’ Blogs/Videos; Any Links Were N/A For Mostly There Is More than Person on This Placement

So many come in, start out strong and fade away for the most part, yet somehow finds a way to come back, after a long track of silence. A few being very new to this, unsure if they have found what makes their work stand out from others, yet never fail to send out something worth reading or watching by the end of it all. It takes more than just a few words to understand on what they can do, takes only a keen eye to notice them, and saying something that is welcoming them to do more. So if seeing something that doesn’t come norm for the site, give them a shot, they might just lead a surprising effect behind.




Number 15: Chilton’s Blog; https://www.manic-expression.com/media-blitz-top-13-disturbing-commercials-31-days-of-halloween/

There is just something about someone finding the weirdest things in media history, and making worth every word to be fun by the end of it. Other work Chilton has done has always ranged from being a good read, a sad reminder, maybe a throwback to something some might have forgotten. Yet to place a moment on just being weird, has earned a moment, that we can be happy, sad, angry about something, but also just to be freaked out about something, and have a good laugh to follow it.




Number 14: OtherDude92’s Thing; Any Links Were N/A

OtherDude92 . . . is a jerk. Void in finding anything nice to say or giving up the will to know defeat. We would suffer without a wakeup call. Repeating things others already know, but this is just a reminder, that for every good moment, there is a bad, and some just want to embrace to make others cave in and wakeup, nothing is really all good or all bad. OtherDude92 the jerk and we sadly welcome it, as most will jump out a window into a woodcutter before agreeing to it. Rise of hands if that is true not or not just send all your hate mail to OtherDude92, your hatred only boasts the ego, warning for that now.




Number 13: Michael the Comic Nerd’s Video; https://www.manic-expression.com/mtcn-the-worst-movies-of-2014/

Michael the Comic Nerd is one of those critics that came in strong, lasted long enough to make an impact, before slowly fading away. Understandable, life gets in the way, but able to leave a punch on movie critics takes of reviewing, the sheer question and angry to movie young out films, was left greatly in this pick.




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