Sleeping on the cold floor,
no reason to reach out on the bar window,
eyes red from tears and little sleep.

Giving a moment of thought,
what else is there to live for on?

Is there just the one to live by?

In case of all this,
there shouldn’t be forgiven on another.

It doesn’t work like that,
it shouldn’t be like that,
it happens anyway,
because some just don’t want to fix,
what hasn’t failed others,
not yet.

Take a gasp of air,
savor the stale air,
as a last meal.

A meal that shouldn’t even be given,
not without a price,
that’s what they say.

Those outside,
that keep you away,
waiting for you to change for them.

Into their liking,
that is not against what they believe in,
even if it takes away,
a part of yourself.

You earn everything back,
from what you once lost,
everything you didn’t you needed,
until it was stolen from you.

Even in the regret of it,
you think,
forever in that cage,
hearing out in the distance voices,
that were once something that matter,
now stained because they saw a side of you,
that didn’t meet up to the status quote.

Ask yourself now,
before that jail door slides open,
is going back to that,
worth it?

Two choices,
a higher path or your own path,
that comes at moment,
akin to a slap to the face,
stunning you.

Do you leave to be free,
under a forever watchful eye,
in every waking moment of life,
having your choices picked for you?

Or to you stay,
with others just like you,
who couldn’t give a damn what you do,
in a cage that should be a doom,
but after so long in it,
that cage just becomes home.

Your home,
bare of everything,
but made of everything that matters,
when getting down to it.

To some it sounds bad,
to others that is awesome,
to the middle ground,
they want both,
but sadly are still stuck in that tug of war,
getting the gist?

I hope so.




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