We never have much to work with,
sometimes it is just a saying,
a picture,
an idea and we just to roll with it,
and after so long,
is becomes a norm,
but time is ticking,
and trying to reframe from standing in,
and not standing out,
walk too much on a thin line,
yet we embrace it,
without much a try,
sweating another tone altogether,
we have a voice,
wanting to be heard,
in some form,
even if others just don’t agree,
we got to at least try,
find a fail to learn from,
and a win to jump higher from,
it shows how evolving we are,
even if others just don’t see it,
we try,
if anything else we try,
with little help from the sidelines,
but always welcome to know,
it is there,
but no always needed,
for there is only one,
that left in charge in doing things right,
and giving the answer,
would be too much a spoiler,
for those who,
haven’t found that notch,
and for that,
we wait,
and keep the mind from never,
ever going still.




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