When trying to keep new,
fresh to never bored the old,
and welcoming the young,
is a game,
a strange game,
knowing if it fun or not,
depends on the poor bastard,
who thinks this shit is easy,
going beyond what the mind can do,
able to keep up with ideas,
that sound so pointless to bring up,
yet giving enough of a spin,
that won’t go to waste,
news flash for those just starting,
you want to be cocky,
go ahead,
if it is what helps,
get through things like this,
than you must be a master at it now,
but if thinking that an idea,
and small tricks do it all,
you are far away from that goal,
and needs more of a push,
feedback to change,
fix mistakes that were glance during editing,
planning ahead,
and get ready to win,
but also to fail,
and no shock,
failing happens more than you think,
I won’t lie,
looking back on work now,
it is a fail,
wondering why others hold them in regards,
confuses the hell out of me,
no joke,
but coming from me,
hard to tell if I am or not,
but yeah that happens,
for a dumb poet,
pulling at distance cloud ideas,
hoping one will stay,
and able to mold it,
fix the jaggy edges,
but all while keeping the simple shape,
that’s how one does it,
without trying,
it’s like gold every time,
when in truth,
silver or bronze is likely,
award to have in hand,
though I am more of,
if I get a prize,
take it now,
before they think otherwise,
aim high,
but never think that’s what will be given,
cause it just doesn’t happen,
this is no fairytale story,
no fairies to grant wishes,
no run away castle to hide from step family members,
which by the way,
not all are bad,
they are just easy to pick on,
just like you,
the main member of the story,
others get to meet,
wanting to know,
what they can learn from you,
young and old,
wanting to know the message you’ll give,
and at times,
it will split down,
but you got to take in stride,
and not a full blown fail,
nor a huge win,
cause it just doesn’t work,
and if anyone says it does,
they are lying,
and are waiting to prove you wrong,
when they,
are just like you,
trying to grasp for ideas,
and maybe an ear will listen,
to the mindless babble,
like those who watch movies,
read books or poetry,
news channels,
playing video games,
all in the end,
wanting a moment to learn something,
even if the lesson is crap,
a lesson that is new or a repeat,
you learn from it,
as do others,
and in the end,
we keep going for something new,
even if at times,
we just run on steam,
to make a fucking point,
short lived,
but damn it all,
the words won’t go unheard,
not here nor anywhere else,
warning that now,
steam ideas,
but never fully fail,
and pressing the enter bottom,
and thus,
end of the story,




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