Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to bring a follow up to my Top 12 moments of Euphoria in Films blog I did awhile back.

Many of you had some great suggestions for moments I’d missed, so I’m doing a second list using them and the 7 more moments I remembered to finish out the list. These moments aren’t ranked.  The numbers are just to keep count.


Warning: Some Spoilers and really happy moments ahead….


12.  George McFly(Crispin Glover) knocks out Biff Tannen(Thomas F Wilson)(Back to the Future)

Oh, HELL YES! How many times have you wanted to do this to a bully? One of the greatest triumph moments in films.


11.  Twilight Sparkle(Tara Strong) realizes she just got her cutie mark(MLP: FIM: The Cutie Chronicles)



10.  Andy Dufrense(Tim Robbins) escapes Shawshank(The Shawshank Redemption)

Now HERE’S a guy who’s really happy.


9.  Mr. Spock(Leonard Nimoy) finds out he didn’t kill Captain Kirk(William Shatner)(Star Trek TOS: Amok Time)

Granted…it’s a very short moment, but is there any doubt that Mr. Spock experienced euphoria when he discovered that Captain Kirk was still alive?


8.  Hiro(Ryan Potter) flies with Baymax(Scott Adsit) for the first time(Big Hero 6)

While I could’ve gone with Hiccup’s first flight with Toothless in How to Train your Dragon, I feel that Big Hero 6 did it better with more flying euphoria on the part of Hiro.


7.  Buzz Lightyear(Tim Allen) and Woody(Tom Hanks) escape the rocket and fall with style(Toy Story)

Buzz and Woody fly



6.  Willy Wonka(Gene Wilder) tells Charlie Bucket(Peter Ostrum) he passed the test(Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

Gene Wilder really sells it too…I love this scene.


5.  Spike(John Candy) finds out Monty Brewster(Richard Pryor) just inherited $30,000,000(Brewster’s Millions)

Can’t find a clip of this scene…which is a shame, it’s John Candy at his very best.  Essentially, Monty just told him he’s inherited $30,000,000….and Spike flips out for about 15 minutes-it’s comedy gold and very euphoric.


4.  Irv Blitzer(John Candy) sees the Jamaicans just qualified in their Olympics trial run(Cool Runnings)

MAN! no clips of this one either…whassa matter Youtube…you got a problem with John Candy happy moments?


3.  Aladdin(Scott Weigner) sets the Genie(Robin Williams) Free(Aladdin)

“I’M FREEEEE!” screams the Genie, and with Robin Williams’ voice generating it, it is joyful, jubilant and passionate.


2.  Patton(George C. Scott) “salutes” his enemy, Rommel, while winning the tank battle(Patton)

Even behind his binoculars, you can tell how happy he is. That’s the power of George C. Scott’s voice and incredible acting.


1.  Bud Brigman(Ed Harris) successfully resuscitates Lindsey(Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) after she drowns(The Abyss)

In this scene, Bud is carrying his almost ex-wife back to the rig after she drowns. They attempt resuscitation and defibrillation techniques to revive her…but nothing works…it looks like she’s died and everyone is morose…then Bud refuses to give up and puts all his heart into trying one more time to save her life. This is the scene that “San Andreas” was copying. For my money, Ed Harris did the far superior acting job. That’s not to say that Dwayne Johnson didn’t do a great job…but when Ed Harris did it, I felt his pain, anguish and elation and it made me cry.


And those are 12 more great moments of euphoria in films.  Did I miss any other ones?  I’d love to hear any more moments that elated you, my friends.  Peace.

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