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When you think of Wolfenstien what’s the first thing to pop up ?(aside from a dutch wolf) Wolfenstein 3D of course.You may recall a while back I did a Let’s play of it commenting on the game,ID Software and The New Order.  I have played Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstien(2009) with that being said though 3D was the only good one I have played in the series with the other two ranging from mediocre to just plain forgettable. So when I heard the Bethesda was making a new Wolfenstein game two things popped in my head. 1. Don’t let ID Develop it and 2.Your actually going to revive this old franchise ? I would have talked about this game when it came out, but sadly my computer at the time did not meet the system requirements. 
So now that I’ve FINALLY got my x51 Desktop I can fully experience my PC games to the max. First up a recent shooter that came out this year. Throughout the year I’ve been hearing good things about the new Wolfenstein so I’ve decided to check it out for myself. Thankfully I bought this game at a reduced price during the Quakecon sale back in July. I just finished it and I bet your wondering does it live up to its well-earned reputation? Well first let’s take a look at the story. 

It’s 1946 and WW2 is still going on with allies on the verge of defeat due to the advanced technology the Nazi’s have at their disposal. You play as Captain Blazkowicz, who is aided by his partner Fergus both serving the allies to defeat the German menace that threatens to take over the world. As they invade a German Castle things go horribly wrong for them causing Blazkowicz  to be lost at sea only for him to found and sent to an asylum for 14 years. He manages to escape the asylum to discover that not only did the Nazis win the war but took over the entire planet. So it’s up to Blazkowicz to stop the Nazis with the help of the resistance.
  •  If you ever see any screenshots for this game you will notice the fantastic graphical capabilities Wolfenstein: TNO has with it being powered by ID Tech 5(Rage, The Evil Within). Finally John Carmack’s engine is finally put to good use in the dawn of the next gen.
  • Thankfully there is no two weapon system to be found at all in Wolfenstein: TNO letting you carry a maximum of 6-8 Weapons (Excluding Dual Wielding Weapons). Take that Halo.
  • There is a decent amount of character depth to be found not only in our main character but also in the side characters. You actually want to see the hero’s conquer the third Reich for the hope of humanity.
  • The campaign is divided up into 16 chapters with the Resistance Hideout serving as a safe haven till the next assignment. Side objectives are also available at the hideout along with interacting with the resistance members.
  • Nice few references to Wolfenstein 3D Scattered throughout the game Such as golden treasures for you to collect in levels and eating dinners or dog food heals you for a small bit.
  • Stealth is optional to use to take out a room of soldiers.Just don’t approach a mech from behind he will crush you.
  • Enemy’s come in quite a variety ranging from Rocket Soldiers, Armour Plated Frankenstein Monsters and Metal Covered Dogs.


  •  Most of the levels take place indoors rather than in outside environments. Even though Rage was a disappointment it at least let you explore the outside desert, that’s one of the benefits ID Tech 5 has.
  • The story takes itself a bit too seriously at times even becoming borderline dark. Not to get into spoilers but something very unpleasant happens to one of your squad mates early on in the game.
  • Death is very easy to come by even when your health and armour is high

In conclusion can I recommend Wolfenstein: TNO to anyone? Well if you have a nostalgic feeling for the original I would say go for it but if you’re a COD Fanboy than this game is not for you since it does have a couple of stealth missions here and there. As for me, I may have been late to the party but at least I’m happy with what I got. Now I’m really looking forward to The Evil Within to see how the graphics will pan out. Machine Games you have done the impossible, you have made and old franchise relevant again.

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