Everyone sees things,
half full,
or half empty,
or all good,
or all bad,
never on an over the top answer,
only that it can only be seen,
as most would see it,
how could that be,
and not seen as a lie like no other,
what other ways could there be,
what about one by sea of a chance overshadow by three landmasses of bullshit,
that is pointless,
while what matters is crystal clear,
or be that five deadly red berries can stop the pain,
but two huckleberries cure the blisters,
why does everything have to be that even,
maybe in the math world,
it looks too simple,
and very little of a joke it is not,
yet could that be why,
of everything else,
leads to things like this,
where it is classic good against evil,
and good always win,
because a half chance of luck,
where the bad guys should have won,
a different pace it would seem,
and depending on context,
not every good or bad guy should always win,
but does it have to be,
so down the middle,
there just got to be something else,
worth it all,
even if the percent is so far off,
the pleasant feeling it gives,
along the dread that follows,
should amount to something,
other than being shelter from it,
for there is hiding the truth and spreading lies,
to just complexion that there is no lies,
and everything that is spoken is the truth,
that’s not the answer,
not right it’s not,
remember that.




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