When most people see that familiar snake logo, they think classic 80s cartoons. When we at Manic Expression see it, we think of one of our most popular shows, Half the Battle, and it’s host Timmer.

Timmer is one of those Expressionists that has been here since the early days, proving that others will be interested in hearing about our very specific interests. Timmer, as you can tell from his logo, loves G.I. Joe. He loves the show, the toys, the comics, and dammit he wants you to know it! How do you sustain that kind of enthusiasm for a single property for over 100 episodes? One all important word: Passion.

Timmer loves G.I. Joe. Something about that particular mythology has burrowed into his brain and sparked his imagination. Not content to simply keep his enthusiasm for the show to himself, Timmer makes videos letting the world know about the epic struggle between the Joe’s and their often inept foes over at Cobra. He wants us to experience the joy he feels for these characters. What a wonderful way to say I love you.

Here on Manic Expression people share all sorts of very specific loves in hopes that others will seek out those properties and enjoy them. Be it Disney or Doctor Who, My Little Pony or Gamera, late night softcore porn or Batman, the reason we do reviews and critiques is so others can share in our passions, maybe even make them their own. I can’t tell you how many movies, comics, and video games I’ve tried because of the reviewers here at Manic Expression.

Timmer puts on that mask and shows off his G.I. Joe figures and collection in one lovingly crafted video after another, and his enthusiasm always comes across. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Joe’s or a collector, his videos are funny, entertaining, and his joy for what he loves is infectious. Our goal in life should be to make the world a better place, whether in little ways or in big. Timmer makes videos about G.I. Joe, something he’s passionate about. In doing so he’s sharing that love and passion with all of us.

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