How hard is it,
to keep someone dear,
to one’s heart happy,
when yourself,
can’t hold up the means to do it,
it would feel sleeplessly to reach others over and over,
hoping that they catch on what it is in for you,
wanting to even out the playing fields,
one deed goes for one thing,
while in return goes to another,
even out the chances that no is left out,
that everyone has a moment to shine,
without being shadow,
yet in the fact,
there will always be that one,
that doesn’t get it all,
and sadly without really knowing it,
the chances become that is the person who rolled,
the start of the ball to go downhill,
meaning yourself,
for pushing and pushing,
getting everyone else to be noticed,
you sit in the background,
watching it all unfold in front of you,
yet there is no fully ill to the others,
more of a content warm smile,
that in the end weighs on the shoulders,
it does,
but doesn’t come close to maybe those,
who didn’t understand,
what the main plan was,
and it was for others to get the chance,
while you be the ringmaster of it all,
playing the game to how you saw fit,
until you notice,
you are needed anymore,
and thus leading to leave this play to end,
and start anew,
by telling the truth.




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