Within the reflection,
in the sea,
is another you,
wanting to branch out,
and wonder of things,
just like you,
even if not easy to notice,
that’s where it comes,
how it could be,
and leave in the end of it all,
down in the splashing mirror,
that mines oneself,
not even come near it all,
nor it be as a thing,
nor a thought to others,
seeing it as a problem,
but also a answer,
so how could it be,
not even so be it,
not really,
or say as it is,
just stay as it,
sadness darken its,
but really means more,
mirror mocks,
and reminds the faults,
and the higher ranges,
that no other knows it all,
so in the end,
do you smile at the reflection,
or do you smash it,
and walk away,
not having a clue,
what inside that could,
for oneself inside,
just think about that,
the next to think about,
and only you,
before remembering there are others,
who care.




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