In the facts of how some things go,
one just ends up PINING OVER,
what can’t be held close,
yet any wonders as why that is,
only that it becomes a little lost,
after some time.

Oh on how,
one can be,
in a small regrettable move,
doesn’t take away from the facts,
all tend to glance away from,
just stop that.

forever behind closed doors,
away from it all,
hoping to never leave,
the safety of a box,
which this hue calls home,
while blocking out the boastful shades away,
how long it will last,
has always been unsure,
so be wary.

Remain that of a COOL appear,
doesn’t always mean,
that it is right to do,
it’s fine to give some wiggle room,
and embrace a little.

Why in so in asking of this,
why of course,
it is for the QUESTIONG,
on everything around one shade,
around oneself,
it is that easy,
but also just as hard.

WISTFUL thoughts are a given,
so don’t abuse the brain,
if there are no plans,
to go onward with life.

Just like the shades of this off colors,
lead to how people are just the same,
so lost in WONDERING to go where,
and when it can happen,
leaving a lot of other questions,
to just waste away,
sadly so.

Do not,
please do not,
be lost in DESPAIR,
there is much else,
please just listening through this storm.

Give into that WANDERLUST,
to thrive beyond all else,
quickly in step,
clever in mind,
come on!

come and go,
part of growing up,
becoming wise,
even if there is no right way,
in seeing it,
but in a high sight tries,
like no other.

It now drives us,
farther in distance,
but never leaving the ground,
LONGING FOR that pipe dream,
while rolling with the punches.

No sugaring coating it,
always remain SUSPICIOUS OF . . .
but welcome everything as one can best,
with wise or hate,
is just how things roll.

So look through that haze,
be strong as sturdy steel,
have the wise sense of the cat eye inner soul,
and walk carefully on the Sillimanite where ever you go.




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