Greetings, Manic fans. Les here today to talk about swords in films. You know, that special weapon that defines the character who wields it? The swords can be magical, or legendary. They can just be personalized or really well crafted. Whatever the manufacture, these swords make a big impression and help the hero when they need a really good blade.  And so, here’s my top 12 favorite Cinema Swords.  Why 12?  DON’T MAKE ME CUT YOU!…..ahem…


Warning: Some spoilers and fantastic sharp weapons ahead.


#12.  The Trident Sword(Prince Talon(Lee Horsley)-“The Sword and the Sorcerer”)


This sword has a serious guilty pleasure quality to it. An enormous broadsword with 2 additional blades flanking it that shoot off like heat-seeking missiles to impale enemies from a distance. The sword breaks down into smaller weapons, the final one being a dagger inside the grip. Sure it’s completely ludicrous and silly…but it’s just so damned AWESOME that you don’t care when it’s being wielded.


#11.  Zar’roc(Brom(Jeremy Irons)/Eragon(Ed Spleleers)-“Eragon”)


Basically a broadsword, Zar’roc is an enchanted sword of Alagesia crafted by the Elves and made for dragon riders. It has a blood-red blade and a hilt guard of dragonheads. A blue gem makes up the pommel. Ex-dragonrider Brom has possession of it until his untimely demise whence it passes down to new dragon rider Eragon. It can disintegrate enemy Urgals, vanquish shades and is sheathed in flame when it looks the coolest. The film was an utter disaster, but this sword and the dragon Saphira were done right.


#10.  Glamdring(Gandalf the Grey(Ian McKellan)-“The Lord of the Rings”)


Discovered in a Troll Cave, Gandalf claims this Elvish sword and holds it for the rest of his adventures in Middle Earth. Called the “Foe Hammer” by the humans and “Beater” by the Orcs, this sword has killed hundreds of the minions of Mordor in it’s lifetime.


#9.  The Norrington Sword(James Norrington(Jack Davenport)/Davey Jones(Bill Nighy)/Will Turner(Orlando Bloom)-“The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl/Dead Man’s Chest/At World’s End”)


Crafted by apprentice blacksmith Will Turner, this sword is perfectly balanced and finely regal in its elegance. A perfect sword to commemorate James Norrington’s promotion to Commodore in the Royal Navy. Ironically, this sword passes to Davey Jones who uses it to kill Will, the one who’d made it! Then, with the help of Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Turner, Will stabs the heart of Davey Jones, and becomes the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, finally claiming the sword as his.


#8.  Narsil(Isildur(Harry Sinclair)-“The Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Ring”)


This is the legendary sword that Isildur used to cut the one ring from the hand of Sauron, himself that won a 2,500 years of peace in Middle Earth from the forces of Mordor. The fact that he accomplished it after Sauron had shattered it with a foot stomp makes it even more amazing. All the pieces of this sword were saved and enshrined by Elf Lord Elrond(Hugo Weaving) at Rivendell


#7.  Sting(Bilbo Baggins(Martin Freeman)/Frodo Baggins(Elijah Wood)-“The Hobbit”/“The Lord of the Rings”)


Crafted by the Elves, this short blade is the perfect size for a Hobbit. Gifted to Bilbo Baggins, he carries it through the Gobblin lair, Mirkwood forrest where he gives it its name dispatching giant spiders. One of it’s key features is that it glows bright blue when in the presence of Orcs. Bilbo passes it down to his Nephew Frodo while he carries the One Ring into Mordor.


#6.  Anduril(Aragorn(Viggo Mortensen)-“The Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King”)


Re-forged from the shards of Narsil, it is the rightful sword of the King of Gondor. Only the true heir of Isildur can wield its power, and Aragorn is the Ranger who has that power on his journey towards his Kingdom. Presented to Aragorn by Elrond, he uses its power to enlist the help of the Army of the Dead to fulfill their sworn oath to Isildur by saving the besieged city of Gondor.


#5.  The Sword of Gryffindor(Harry Potter(Daniel Radcliffe)/Neville Longbottom(Matthew Lewis)-“Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets”/“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2”)


This magical sword may present itself to any Griffindor in dire need. It appears in the sorting hat in the Chamber of Secrets when Harry Potter needs it to vanquish the Basilisk. It also reappears when Harry and Ron need it to destroy a Horcrux of Lord Voldemort. In the final appearance, it appears to Neville Longbottom who uses it to behead the final Horcrux: Naghini, the serpent.


#4.  Domingo Montoya Sword(Inigo Montoya(Mandy Patinkin)-“The Princess Bride)


A fencing foil, this sword is commissioned by Count Rugen(Christopher Guest), this sword was lovingly crafted by master swordsmith Domingo Montoya. When Count Rugen offered only half the agreed price, they argued, Rugen killed him and Domingo’s son, Inigo swore vengeance. He dedicated his life to the study of Fencing for the day he could again meet the 6-fingered man, Count Rugen, and settle the matter with this sword. He even works out what he’ll say to the man. “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my Father. Prepare to die.”


#3.  The Ramirez Katana(Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez(Sean Connery)/Connor McLeod(Christopher Lambert)-“Highlander”)


Crafted by the great Japanese swordsmith Masasume in 592 BC using metal folding techniques that were centuries ahead of its time, This Katana was a gift to Ramirez who married his daughter Princess Shakiko. When the Kurgan(Clancy Brown) beheads him, the sword passes down to Connor McLeod.


#2.  The Hattori Hanzo Sword(The Bride(Uma Thurman)-“Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2”)


Legendary Japanese Swordsmith Hattori Hanzo had sworn he’d never make another tool used to kill, until The Bride commissions him to help her in her vengeance against a former student of his: Bill. He relents and crafts the finest sword he ever made…and WOW does it ever live up to its pedigree. The Bride uses it to dispatch the Crazy 88, O-Ren Ishii and uses it in the final fight with Bill. In the words of Budd, “It’s the finest sword ever made by a man…I gotta tell you…now THAT’S what I call sharp!”


And my #1 favorite cinema sword is…


#1.  Excalibur(King Arthur(Nigel Terry)/(Graham Chapman)-“Excalibur”/“Monty Python and the Holy Grail)


Like any other sword could be #1? Given forth by the hand of the lady of the lake, or later pulled from the stone…either way, this mythic sword was the symbol of King Arthur, the sign from Heaven that he was destined to be “King of the Britons.” It’s also the only weapon capable of vanquishing Mordred. All knights of the Round Table were dubbed thusly by this magnificent sword.


And those are my 12 favorite swords in films. Did I miss any of yours? I’d love to hear what cinema swords impressed you, my friends. Peace.

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